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Europe heatwave 2023 news: Spain forest fire destroys homes as blistering 40C heat grips continent

Europeans seek shade as heatwave covers much of continent

Homes were destroyed and hundreds evacuated after a wildfire tore through the Spanish island of La Palma in the early hours of Saturday.

Authorities say at least 500 people have been forced to flee their homes in the island’s first natural crisis since the volcano erupted in 2021.

Meanwhile, extreme heat red warnings have been issued in 16 cities across Italy as the Mediterranean country and parts of Europe suffer from scorching heat.

The tourist hotspots of Rome, Florence and Bologna were among some of the cities affected, with residents told to take extra care as temperatures soar to 40 degrees Celsius during the Cerberus heat wave.

Temperatures are set to peak at around 36C (96.8F) in most Italian cities, although Puglia, Sicily and Sardinia can reach 41C.

Temperatures next week are predicted to soar as high as 48 degrees Celsius in Puglia, Sardinia and Sicily as a second heat wave – dubbed the Cheron – hits the country.


16 red warnings issued for Italy

Authorities in Italy have issued red warnings for 16 cities across the country amid the sweltering heat.

Bologna, Florence and Rome are among some of the cities affected, with residents asked to take extra care.

Weather forecasters say temperatures could exceed 40 degrees Celsius in parts of Puglia, Sicily and Sardinia.


Matt MathersJuly 15, 2023 09:16


Greece imposes emergency measures as Italy prepares for second heat wave

The “even stronger” second part of the Cerberus heatwave, which has ravaged parts of Europe this week, will hit Italy in the next few days.

Sardinia and Sicily could see temperatures of 48 degrees Celsius next week, close to the continent’s record 48.8 degrees Celsius from 2019.

Wildfires are also ravaging Croatia, prompting tourists and locals to evacuate the Grebastica area, near Sibenik on the Dalmatian Coast. Due to strong winds, the bushfires have forced towns and homes to evacuate as the flames spread.

Maryam Zakir-Hussian And William Mata report:

Matt MathersJuly 15, 2023 18:10


Floods, fires and deadly heatwaves are the alarm bells of a planet on the brink

Our planet is entering uncharted territory, while our government continues to approve new fossil fuel projects for decades. Sarah Kaplan.

Read Sarah’s full work here:

Matt MathersJuly 15, 2023 17:10


Heatwave across Spain and Italy suffocates Britons abroad: ‘I’m not coping well at all’

As temperatures hit 40 degrees Celsius, Britons are doing whatever they can to stay cool. Graham Keeley Reports from Madrid on extreme heat across Europe:

Matt MathersJuly 15, 2023 16:10


Climate change is the cause of the sweltering heat – meteorologist

Climate change is most likely the cause of the intense heat wave that is blanketing Europe, one meteorologist said.

Chris England, a meteorologist with Sky News, told the network: “Southern Europe Voth and the southern US are experiencing extreme heat and potentially record breaking at the moment.

“The immediate cause in both cases is that fairly stable and long-term high-pressure systems are bringing in hot air and then further heating it by the action of the sun and by compressing the air – the so-called is the thermal dome.

“Climate change appears to be the most likely root cause of extreme temperatures, although that will take time to verify.

“We’re in the midst of an El Nino year, but that still doesn’t seem advanced enough to cause significant global problems.”


Matt MathersJuly 15, 2023 15:09


ICYMI: Europe heat wave: Is it safe to travel to Italy, Spain, Greece and Croatia?

As temperatures soar across Europe, travel reporter Simon Calder will look at whether it’s safe to travel to holiday hotspots like Italy, Spain, Greece and Croatia.

For travelers weighing their options, here are the key questions and answers:

Matt MathersJuly 15, 2023 14:32


150 firefighters tackle the La Palma . fire

The regional president of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo, said on Saturday that, in addition to forcing residents to relocate, the fire destroyed at least 11 homes in the relatively small 140-hectare burned area. 345 acres).

He warned the number of evacuees could easily increase.

“With the resources we’re deploying, we’d expect to be able to get the fire under control today, but the wind is changing direction,” Clavijo said. “More gusty winds are expected, combined with arid terrain and lack of rain, the situation is complex.”

The Spanish military deployed 150 firefighters to help local teams battle the blaze. According to Clavijo, many local firefighters are arriving in boats from the neighboring island of Tenerife.


Matt MathersJuly 15, 2023 13:50


ICYMI: Why is there no heatwave in the UK when Europe is sweltering in Cerberus?

As the UK experiences prolonged showers – the Met Office predicts unsettled conditions to continue over the next few days – the Mediterranean region grapples with a heat spike that could hit a new European record. Europe this week.

Matt MathersJuly 15, 2023 13:20


Greece ‘like Africa’ as Europeans melt in deadly heatwave forecast to break records

Southern Europe suffered a heat wave that is forecast to only get worse in the coming days.

Experts say the highest temperature ever recorded in Europe – 48.8C (119.8F) – could be broken in Sicily and Sardinia next week and Spain is expected to hit 45C.

Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Poland and Croatia have all been affected, and officials in several countries have prepared emergency measures, including mobile phone heat warnings.

Matt MathersJuly 15, 2023 13:00


ICYMI: Acropolis’s midday closure sends many tourists reeling as a heatwave hits southern Europe

Disgruntled tourists complained about the temporary closure of the Acropolis in Athens on Friday as Greek authorities proactively closed the gates of the world monument from midday to early evening amid a continuing heatwave that included a… ruler of southern Europe.

Red Cross staffers have been handing out bottled water to tourists waiting in long lines in the hope of getting through the closures and climbing the steps to the glittering Parthenon as temperatures are expected to hit peaked above 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) in the Greek capital.

Reported by Menelaos Hadjicostis and Lefteris Pitarakis:

Matt MathersJuly 15, 2023 12:40


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