Anything Anywhere Anytime broke A24’s US box office record.

Michelle Yeoh stars in the sci-fi thriller about a Chinese-American immigrant who finds herself caught up in a multiverse.

On Saturday (May 21) the film surpassed US$52.26 million (£41.8 million) at the US box office, the figure taken by the previous record-holder production company. of A24 Uncut Gems.

Other box office successes for the studio have included Orange beetle and Moonlight. However, Hereditary remains the highest-grossing film globally, although Anything Anywhere Anytime can get through this now that the movie has been released around the world.

The film has also been a huge hit with critics. In a five-star review, The IndependentClarisse Loughrey says Anything Anywhere Anytimedescription of the multiverse “making Marvel go up in smoke”.

“While Marvel executives gathered around conference tables, sparring franchises in a grand show of corporate synergy, this is a great set,” she wrote. movies really understand what infinity looks like.

In an interview with The IndependentYeoh, 59, says she’s been waiting her whole career to finally be given a lead role.

“I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, and luckily it’s here,” she said. “Some people wait their whole life and the opportunity may never come. I was patient. I was resilient. I never stop learning. And so I was ready when the opportunity came. ”

Anything Anywhere Anytime Currently at the cinema.


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