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Final Flood Risk Update from the QC National Weather Service

At Lock and Dam 15 in the Quad Cities, river levels are 2 feet above floodwater and will drop to flood levels early next week (around 1 p.m. Tuesday).

Hydrologist, Matt Wilson, said river levels will continue to rise for several months. And the flow will also be high. That means more water flowing through and stronger currents.

“Anytime anyone wants to go down and do anything near or in the river, just know that there are cleanup efforts underway. And the river is still rising, if not higher. at the flood stage. So it’s still dangerous.”



Quad City National Weather Service

Senior Service Hydrologist, Matthew Wilson from the National Weather Service office in Davenport, IA

Debris is also a hazard in and along Mississippi, Wilson said. “There’s probably something still under the water. And because the river is still a bit high, it doesn’t come to the surface. But it’s just below the surface that a swimmer or someone in a boat could have. Small individuals can be hung or even turned upside down IN.”

He doesn’t recommend swimming in the river, but it could be a good time to go fishing.

Underwater paths can be unstable due to erosion. This week, Davenport Public Works found a storm drain sinkhole on River Drive near the foot of Brady Street. It must be repaired before part of the street is reopened.

Most minor flooding is occurring in the river downstream from Dubuque to LeClaire, with moderate flooding from the Quad Cities to Gladstone. Burlington was the last site where major flooding continued.

Wilson will take a few well-deserved days off. He will then begin conducting post-flood surveys. You can hear him discuss what’s involved in the process by clicking the blue, listen/play button above.


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