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Real estate agent sparks debate after revealing he and wife sit in first class while children are in economy

A real estate influencer has sparked debate about parenting “spoiling the kids” after it was revealed he and his wife sat in first class on a plane while they paid. for their children to be seated in economy class on the same flight.

Samuel Leeds, who goes by the username @samuel_leed on TikTok, shared a video of his family’s seating arrangements on a recent flight last month.

In the clip, Mr Leeds filmed himself telling his children in economy class that he would “see you later” before walking towards the front of the plane.

“Rich people, don’t spoil your children,” Leeds wrote in the written caption on the video as he stepped through business class before entering the plane’s first class. “Beyond the business class, because I earned it.”

Upon entering the first class section, Leeds showed himself to a spacious seat, where his dinner was served on a white tablecloth. “My dinner is ready,” said TikToker, before walking to the front first class seat, where his wife was sitting.

“Be happy?” Leeds can be heard asking his partner, as he writes in the written caption on the video: “My wife who helped me build the business.”

Leeds’ wife can then be seen raising a glass of red wine to congratulate her husband.

According to TikToker, the real estate investor ends the video asking viewers if they agree or disagree with his decision to sit separately from his young children and his wife, who are sitting with their nanny.

“Don’t worry, they’re sitting with their nanny,” he captioned the video, before repeating: “Don’t spoil your kids.”

As of May 4, TikTok has been viewed more than 23,000 times, with many viewers divided over the couple’s decision to sit in first class while their children sit in economy class.

“No way. I understand the lesson but there’s no way I’m so far away from my girls,” one person commented, while another said: “I can’t, but to each of them.”

According to another, they disagree with Leeds because they feel “you should want all you have and more for your children”. “I disagree with this,” they added.

Another revealed that they “didn’t see” what lessons the couple’s children could learn from separate chairs.

Others said they agreed with Leeds’ views, with one joking that Leeds and his wife were “teaching [their children] a valuable lesson” and “save a few bucks”.

“Respect. One day they’ll go to first class and feel like they deserve it,” said another, while another described the seating arrangement as “barbaric”. .

independence Leeds has been contacted for comment.


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