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Woman claims United Airlines forced fiancé to give first class seat to crew member: ‘Stuck back in coach’

A woman has alleged that United Airlines forced her fiancé to give up his position in first class and switch to economy class so a cabin crew member could get his seat.

Danielle Schwab, who goes by the username @watergirl8296 on TikTok, made the statement in a video posted to the app on Tuesday. In the clip, filmed from her seat on the plane, Schwab said she and her husband were traveling from London’s Heathrow Airport to Chicago when he was “bumped” out of his seat.

“Okay, I’m documenting this right now because we’re on United Airlines going from Heathrow to Chicago and we’ve booked these seats, we’re in first class, we’ve booked these seats individually fair,” said TikToker. “And, all of a sudden, my fiance, we just got engaged, just moved in as a coach.”

According to Schwab, her partner was moved from the seat the couple had booked “ahead of time” because the airline wanted “part of the crew to sit in first class instead”.

“I understand the crew works very hard, however, we booked these seats ahead of time and this is not fair,” she continued. “This is not customer service. I’m sorry, that’s not customer service. Like, this is ridiculous.”

The video, which has since been viewed more than 1.7 million times, has been met with outrage on behalf of the couple, with many encouraging Schwab to claim the airline for compensation.

“Ask them how you will be compensated because they cannot move you,” wrote one, while another said: “Definitely not fair. Get a refund for the seat price difference ASAP!

In a follow-up video, Schwab said: “What we basically said was, this is how it works. Flight attendants take turns napping in the back of the plane, often with bunk beds or chairs that convert into beds. So what they’re saying is, if a seat doesn’t work… what they do instead is go ahead and kick four people out of first class, including Mikey.”

In the video, TikToker said she was told by airline staff that it was not “practical”, as the plane was supposed to “stop operating if you don’t have enough seats” for the crew.

“Or you can do bad things and kick people out,” she said.

Schwab’s fiance later claimed that, shortly after disembarking, they were greeted by a customer service representative, who gave them an “honored quick pass”.

“He gave us a business card and said just contact him whenever,” he continued, adding that airline staff had offered to take them through customs. before the next flight. “He didn’t upgrade our next flight.”

The couple also claimed that another passenger who was forced to transfer to a coach from first class received compensation, but airline staff said there was “nothing they could do” and were encouraged to “send love”. online request”.

The couple also allege that they tried to speak to multiple airline employees, but were repeatedly asked to handle the case online.

As for the man who is said to have met the couple after they left the plane, the couple said they assumed he wanted to discuss the incident further, but he waved as they boarded the train to pick them up. . to another terminal in the airport.

“That guy was pushing us all the time,” said the TikToker partner, adding that airline employees are also said to have promised “free” for overweight luggage even though they were not. even though their bags are lighter than the weight limit. Schwab added: “He basically kicked us to the curb.

In the third video, Schwab is joined by her father, who confirms that he paid for four first-class tickets so the family wouldn’t be “stuck in a wagon with other people”.

“What these people do is horrible,” he said, adding that he was also frustrated with an employee who said there was nothing they could do. “There’s a lot you can do, it’s called customer service,” he continued. “The customer is always right. You’re siding with the staff and making sure they’re asleep and putting the client back into a coach state. Horrible.”

The father-son duo then addressed comments from viewers who questioned the story, with the pair claiming that they “wish” they made up the script.

The video has sparked renewed concern from viewers, with many suggesting that passengers should be given a “full” refund.

“Oh my god @United Airlines, this is totally unacceptable. Return the ticket. FULL,” wrote one, while another said: “You need to be very, very firm and ask to speak to your boss! This is unacceptable and you need to be compensated! Do not give up!”

Others corroborated the flight attendant’s explanation but alleged that the family still deserves compensation.

“It would make sense if all the crew rest beds could not be moved, but his fare should be refunded for the inconvenience,” another wrote.

independence have reached out to United Airlines and Schwab for comment.


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