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Flight attendant won’t let plane leave until passengers clean up mess dropped in the aisle

A flight attendant refused to let the plane take off until passengers cleaned up the mess they left in the aisle.

The incident happened on a Southwest Airlines plane on April 15, and another passenger shared the story on social media.

Jennifer Schaper testified that shortly after boarding the plane, it was clear that someone had spilled rice on the cabin floor.

After the crew member noticed, they asked the culprit to clean up their mess.

In a Twitter thread posted as the situation unfolded, Ms Schaper said: “Just got on the plane and someone spilled food. The flight attendant shouted ‘who spilled the rice?’ and going up and down the aisles. They refused to leave the gate until someone served the meal.”

In a second tweet, Ms Schaper dubbed the incident #RiceGate and added: “The people in my row and I are now giggling and she’s looking at us suspiciously.”

Updating her followers on the plane’s live action, Ms Schaper wrote a follow-up tweet: “Update: they still won’t leave until the rice is washed. They are sending away for a broom. #RiceGate”

She also attached a video in which the flight attendant can be heard apologizing for the delay and saying “I don’t think you want to go through it”, the mess that needs to be cleared up before the flight can take off. can leave.

In another tweet, Ms. Schaper said the flight attendant had started reprimanding the passenger.

“The rice is being cleaned but she is crazier. She let all of us know that we were not raised properly and she is disappointed in all of us,” Ms. Schaper wrote.

Then, the flight was further delayed after the rice was cleared because “another loudly angry woman went to the bathroom in #RiceGate and we still can’t take off because she’s not in the room. my seat,” Ms. Schaper shared.

“My linemates have nicknamed this flight the Cursed Journey,” she added.

In the final section, Ms Schaper tweeted: “Update: had some bumps so they didn’t provide us with drink service. I think it’s punishment. #RiceGate @SouthwestAir.”

Beneath this last social media post, a Southwest Airlines spokesperson apologized for not providing refreshments.

One user commented that the incident was similar to another situation on a flight this week in which a baseball star was furious with United Airlines for asking his pregnant wife clean up their kid’s spilled popcorn.

independence has reached out to Southwest Airlines for comment.


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