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Flight attendant shares useful travel tips, from using shower cap on shoes to charging devices without plug

A flight attendant has caused embarrassment online after sharing her best travel secrets – including using a shower cap for your shoes and hangers for your curtains.

Esther Sturrus dreamed of becoming a flight attendant from a very young age. In an effort to pursue her dream, she began taking a three-year aviation course at the age of 16, before continuing to work for TUI in 2019 and moving to KLM in 2020.

Now, with her expertise and knowledge, she reveals golden tips and tricks to keep in mind while traveling.

In a clip uploaded on TikTok, which has garnered more than a million views and more than 52,000 likes, she shared insight into the top 10 things to remember while abroad.

Leave a shoe in the safe

Many hotels, hostels, and vacation rentals have safes, allowing travelers to store any expensive or important items they want to keep.

Esther, 22, from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, says: “My biggest tip is to leave your shoes in the safe. “This way, you will never forget anything from your safe. You’ll notice when you want to leave that you’re missing a shoe, which is pretty funny too!”

Soak a small towel when you arrive at your hotel

Airplanes are famous for their dry air, as they circulate outside air to keep indoor air fresh and healthy to breathe.

But unfortunately, this constant onslaught of fresh outdoor air causes the humidity to drop, which means you’re dehydrating faster than usual.

To help combat dry air when traveling, Esther says all you need is a small towel.

(Press jam / @ esthersturrus)

“Being on an airplane means you have to endure the dry air all the time. And it’s not nice if you also have dry air in your hotel room. So my other big tip is when you get to the accommodation, soak a small towel and put it in front of the fireplace,” she says, adding: “That water evaporates and in a small hotel room there is Can bring a little bit. relief.”

Create space by rolling clothes

When it comes to packing, most travelers will try to pack as much as possible into their bags and suitcases. This method allows you to be much more consistent.

“It never seems like your luggage has enough room when preparing for a great trip,” says Esther. “However, one of the best travel tips for packing is to roll your clothes instead of folding them.”

Search for cheaper airline flights with a private browser

Normally, travel and airline websites will record your browsing history by setting cookies on your browser.

“These companies know how often you visit their websites and will often increase their prices because you visit them frequently,” explains Esther. “Therefore, by using private browsing, nothing can be tracked or traced.”

Email your passport scan to yourself

According to Esther, this is one of her most important travel tips, as it can be extremely handy.

(Press jam / @ esthersturrus)

The 22-year-old said: “Having proof of who you are is very important when taking international flights. This is especially true if you are the victim of a theft or loss.”

Use curtain hooks

If you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep in your hotel room due to gaps in your curtains, Esther says a coat hanger can be a helpful tip.

“Are your curtains not closing properly? Use clothes hangers! You clip this to the curtain so no light gets in between,” she explains.

Charge electronic devices via TV

“One of the most creative travel tricks is to charge your electronic devices through the TV,” says Esther. “This is extremely useful if you forget or lose the wall plug for your charger.”

(Jam Press Vid / @ esthersturrus)

Use a shower cap for your shoes

When you’re packing for a trip or preparing to leave, shower caps can be helpful as they can keep your shoes from touching the rest of your belongings. “This way, your clothes won’t get dirty when you put your shoes in the suitcase,” she says.

Don’t put your toothbrush on the sink

“I’ve never seen a sink so clean so I turned a paper cup upside down and stuck my toothbrush in it,” said the 22-year-old, adding that this way she doesn’t have to put his toothbrush up the sink. cleaning.

Use your hair dryer to clean the steamy bathroom

The 22-year-old said: “The best place to use it is in the bathroom! If your mirror is steaming after showering, put a hair dryer or hair dryer near it, and it will disappear in no time!”

(Jam Press Vid / @ esthersturrus)

In the clip, she can be seen demonstrating how to close the curtains with a hanger, before moving on to show you can charge your phone by plugging it into the TV.

Esther then demonstrates how to put one of her heels in the safe, showing that this way you won’t forget it because it’s in a pair.

In addition to keeping your shoes away from clothes, Esther also showed off a shower cap that wraps around her remote to prevent germs from spreading.

Esther also revealed that any card can be used to get electricity in a hotel room, she put one of her own cards in the room key slot.

She captioned the video: “Hotel was broken into by a flight attendant.”

Users flocked to the comments to share their reactions, with many remaining in awe of the travel tricks.

One said: “What… can you put ANY card in the lamp???” while another wrote: “Wow! These are really great ideas…. Thanks for sharing!”

Another wrote: “Good idea for heel hacks.”

“One of the most helpful videos here,” added another user.


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