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Flight attendant warns ‘always throw a water bottle under the bed’ in hotel rooms

A flight attendant has warned travelers they should ‘always’ throw a water bottle under their beds when they first check in to a new hotel

A bottle of water can make all the difference to your safety in a new hotel(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Flight attendants spend their days traveling the world and staying in hotel rooms, so when they share travel tips, we listen.

Crew member Esther, who flies with KLM, regularly shares her insider tricks on TikTok, and earlier this year she issued a stark warning to travellers.

In the short clip, the Dutch flight attendant urges hotel guests to “always” throw a water bottle under the bed when they first enter a hotel room, to “check if anyone is under the bed.” without looking”.

The idea is that if the bottle “doesn’t come out from the other side,” you might want to investigate further by having an employee or a companion on your team look at it together.

However, if the bottle pops out on the other side of the room, you can continue as usual.

Esther isn’t the only flight attendant to share her tricks for determining if you have unwanted guests.

Demi Bonita, from Spain, revealed that she secretly hacked to check if someone was in your hotel room when you were out, which she shared with her 70,000 followers Follow my TikTok.


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