Paul McCartney to perform at Glastonbury 2022

The final day at Glastonbury offers nice weather and great live music.

While Paul McCartney fans are likely still reeling from his awe-inspiring headline set on Saturday night, there’s plenty for fans to entangle today (Sunday May 26). 6).

George Ezra appeared at the John Peel stage in what may be the worst-kept secret in Glastonbury history, while jazz legend Herbie Hencock delighted the crowd as she relaxed at the Pyramid Stage with a superb performance.

At 4pm it’s time for Diana Ross on Slot Legends, drawing what has to be one of the biggest audiences this teatime show has ever seen. The Supremes icon rotates all the show stoppers, from “I’m coming to theaters” to “You can’t fall in love in a hurry”, “Chain Reaction” and “Reverse”. Unfortunately, some can’t help but complain about her vocals (seriously), prompting many to come to her defense.

Still coming, we have sets by Elbow, McFly, US artist Lorde, Pet Shop Boys and Kendrick Lamar.

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Review of DhakaBrakha – Pyramid Stage

DhakaBrakha – Pyramid Stage

(AFP via Getty Images)

Ukrainian band DakhaBrakha began life as a theater project, rooted in a burgeoning avant-garde scene in Kyiv until Putin’s war was put on hold indefinitely. For years, the band has served as representatives of their country’s music and culture, typically with the end of the program chanting: “Stop Putin! No war!” Today, they brought their anti-war message to the world’s largest festival, in a form of victory and defiance.

Visually striking, they stepped out onto the Pyramid Stage, resplendent in towering black sheep’s wool hats, crimson beads and other finesse. The crowd – they were decked out in yellow and blue outfits, floral headdresses and Ukrainian flags – cheered them on.

Despite their traditional folk heritage, DhakaBrakha are as modern as they come. The whole experience is an intense explosion of color; Hypnotic harmonies blend seamlessly with African rhythms and heavy percussion bass lines. Never losing sight of their political message, the band performed footage of the devastation that the war in Russia had ravaged their homeland during the show. When they reached the climax of excitement, the words “Arm Ukraine now” shone behind them. A reminder to all of us of the unifying power of this festival.

Today, on the Pyramid stage, DhakaBrakha has done exactly that. ★★★ ☆☆

Roisin O’ConnorJune 26, 2022 17:01


Roisin O’ConnorJune 26, 2022 16:46


Me when the invitation says ‘dress casual’


Roisin O’ConnorJune 26, 2022 16:27


Diana Ross performs a hilarious set on the Pyramid Stage in her Legendary Slot

Diana Ross and her amazing choir and backing band are completely killing it on the Pyramid Stage right now, with Ross in one of the best outfits Glastonbury has ever seen.

Roisin O’ConnorJune 26, 2022 16:19


Review of Herbie Hancock – Pyramid Stage


Proving that not every 80’s at Glastonbury needs to look as if it vanished in the rain, synthesizer jazz legend Herbie Hancock took to the stage on Sunday afternoon, with a playful performance and easily greeted welcome like a ray of sunshine.

The crowd on the Reclining Pyramid stage, blown by a cool breeze, stretched all the way to the line of tents for the veteran artist. Today, Hancock and his band move away from his electronically inclined Eighties material, choosing instead to turn to jazz-funk tracks such as “Actual Proof”, from the 1974 album To push.

An overview of “Chameleon”, from the classic album Headhunting company folded very early, the bass popping distinctively collapses into a string of elongated solos. Footprints is dedicated to Hancock’s friend, saxophonist Wayne Shorter, 88, who is also the co-founder of Weather Report of jazz-fusion band Seventies.

“Cantaloupe Island,” with its swirling piano chords and glittering trumpet line, comes next, before placing closer “Chameleon” – the entire track this time – on which Hancock will solo the vibrant, rippling keyboard. right on the field. It will be a great Sunday. ★★★★ ☆

Ben BryantJune 26, 2022 16:16


Who likes Kendrick?

Much has been said for both the film by Eilish and McCartney – a talented young artist at the start of her career and a veteran artist four times her age – but the stage seems set for K- dot to make this a great movie.

He was one of the top musical artists in the world, at the height of his power.

Possibly electrified. Do not miss:

Louis ChiltonJune 26, 2022 15:30


Paul McCartney’s Johnny Depp video attracts mixed reactions

While the majority appeared to be overwhelmed by Paul McCartney’s headline performance on the Pyramid Stage last night, there was some criticism directed at his filming of the video for “My Valentine,” which featured joined by Hollywood star Johnny Depp.

McCartney included the video on his US tour before Glastonbury, but many on social media expressed their displeasure at seeing Depp on a giant screen at Worthy Farm.

In a comment section for The Independent, My colleague Harriet Williamson writes:

McCartney’s use of the Depp video can only be construed as a public statement of support. That’s a pity, but not a surprise. Men support their friends, even if their partner loses a defamation case in the UK for being described as a “wife beater” – allegations of abuse recognized by the Court. The Royal Court of Justice in London deemed it “really true”. “

Read the full article here:

Roisin O’ConnorJune 26, 2022 15:22


Normally I find all the “Paul is dead” plots to sound pretty bad, but this made me chuckle…

Louis ChiltonJune 26, 2022 15:15


Looks pretty gorgeous on Worthy Farm…isn’t all that is said about thunderstorms is fear?

(Sorry if I was just joking)

Louis ChiltonJune 26, 2022 15:00


Herbie Hancock stuck on the Pyramid Stage

Hi! I’m here! Well, I’m back on the last day, Day 5 at the Glastonbury Festival, bringing you more witty comments and reactions to what’s going on at Worthy Farm. Right now, that means turning green with envy in front of the thousands of people who are playing video games with Herbie Hancock on the Pyramid Stage right now. What a perfect outfit for a brilliant summer day like this!

Herbie Hancock performing on the Pyramid Stage


Roisin O’ConnorJune 26, 2022 14:51


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