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Glastonbury 2023 – live: Elton John to close Sunday, lineup, stage times and BBC livestream

Rina Sawwayama Appears to Call on Head of 1975 Matty Healy on the Podcast Controversy

Saturday (June 24) at the Glastonbury Festival came to a dramatic end when Lana Del Rey’s staging was cut after she arrived at the Woodsies stage 30 minutes late.

Billed to perform while the Guns N’ Roses frontrunners were performing at the Pyramid Stage, the American pop artist kept fans waiting beyond her scheduled time is 10:30 pm. She finally arrived, and then apparently blamed her hair for the delay.

Drama seems to be the order of the day. Before that, the British-Japanese artist appeared to call her company mate, Matty Healy, the 1975 frontman, for a controversial podcast interview that included several derogatory remarks about women and Asian people.

Meanwhile, Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi was forced to cut his own vocals early due to vocal problems, but received immense support from the thousands of people who sang with him. After that, Lizzo wowed with an incredible performance with some of her biggest hits, including “Boys” and “Watch Out for the Big Grrrls.”

The night before, the Arctic Monkeys took to the festival’s main stage, marking the third time the Sheffield-founded band had headlined the festival. Rock duo Royal Blood from Brighton perform on the main stage three weeks after their controversial show at BBC Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend in May. Read Jazz Monroe’s two-star review here.

The BBC is broadcasting the festival on all its main channels, including BBC Radio, iPlayer and BBC Sounds.


This was only on social media: Japanese Breakfast had to cancel their order today. The band, led by Michelle Zauner, was having trouble getting around at the end of the day.

“Well, Glasto… we rushed out of Luxembourg at 9pm, got up to clear customs at 3am, and again for the 6am ferry, hired an extra driver to board. route for our 12:30 trip and due to various delays were delayed. control we just can’t make it in time. We are devastated.

“I always wanted to play at Glastonbury and we did everything we could to be there. Hopefully we will be back in a year.”

Louis ChiltonJune 25, 2023 11:11


Registered with independencepeople on the ground at Worthy Farm. Some fallout from Lana Del Rey’s abrupt ending…

“Summertime Sadness” was clearly one of the songs that was cut.

“A lot of frustration in the press tent/hospitality that Lana cut off, when she wouldn’t exactly keep anyone in Exeter awake with her music…”

Here’s a full review of the series (not too exhaustive), if you haven’t read it yet:

Louis ChiltonJune 25, 2023 11:03


A week looking back at some highlights from yesterday.

Only one more day left – that will include Elton John’s final performance.

Glastonbury: Rick Astley, Lizzo and Guns N’ Roses light up the Pyramid Stage on Saturday

Louis ChiltonJune 25, 2023 10:32


Astley definitely had a ball yesterday.

Here’s a photo taken in the evening, after his entire Smiths cover with the Blossoms.

Louis ChiltonJune 25, 2023 10:17


Another moment from yesterday: Red Arrows fly over Worthy Farm against the backdrop of Lewis Capaldi

Watch Red Arrows Stage Flypast In The Glastonbury Scene By Lewis Capaldi

Louis ChiltonJune 25, 2023 10:00


Spotted at the Guns N’ Roses’ set last night. They don’t make them like they used to…

Louis ChiltonJune 25, 2023 09:46


This is the moment the crowd started singing “Video Games” by Lana Del Rey, after her microphone was cut off.

“I was so angry that I was about to fold this set today,” she said, just before the series ended.

“If they cut the power, they cut the power, I’m so sorry… my hair took so long to do, I love you. Keep running this jog because it has to happen.

Fans praise Lana Del Rey with ‘Video Games’ after Glastonbury movie was cut short

Louis ChiltonJune 25, 2023 09:30


Lizzo, Glastonbury 2023 review: Vitality affirming performance leaves you confused as to why she’s not a leader

Glastonbury got it this year for lack of women at the top. Watch Lizzo’s particularly captivating live performance against Guns N’ Roses on the Pyramid Stage, you won’t understand why she’s not at the top. Earlier this year, she sold out two nights at the O2 Arena in London as part of a massive tour, which won Record of the Year at the Grammys for her 2022 album Specialand be immortal when playing the flute on The Simpsons. Her powerful power-disco-pop, vibrant with self-empowerment and sassy messages, is exactly what Glastonbury needs after a hot day.

And Lizzo has more pep and fizz than Berocca stocked at Prosecco. There’s the TV series about Shirley Bassey when she’s on “Cuz I Love You,” wearing a fancy PVC lace-up catsuit and being escorted by dancers in pink lamés. Meanwhile, the song’s stellar high notes serve as a reminder that she’s a singer-rapper with an incredible vocal range. In addition to her highly conceptual slogans and fun choreography, Lizzo is a top performer at her game.

Kate HutchinsonJune 25, 2023 09:01


Guns N’ Roses, Glastonbury 2023 review: Leads for worst set of Glasto titles of all time

If Noel Gallagher waded into a Glastonbury title debate, you know the issue is taking a significant turn. Back in 2008, Noel “didn’t have” Jay-Z headlines; this year, indie music’s wisest commentator found it “crazy” for Guns N’ Roses to top Saturday night’s charts. And this time, instead of his comments being brushed off like dirt from the role of progress, he has a point.

After 15 years of solidly expanding the cultural reach of Britain’s most legendary festival, booking Guns N’ Roses is Glastonbury’s biggest misstep since Mumford & Sons. The festival can honor a rich and influential songbook, like the one by other Pyramid Stage heroes Paul McCartney, Elton, Bowie or The Rolling Stones. But from the moment GN’R arrives – with unusual punctuality – to the goofy, cartoonish image of skulls in Slash hats, they represent everything old-fashioned, rockist, loose and male. child that Glastonbury has rejected since its founding.

Mark BeaumontJune 25, 2023 08:30


Too cool to love these acts 10 years ago? This year’s Glastonbury is for you

They’re older, but that’s okay!” Bill, 22 years old from Bristol, was telling me his thoughts on Guns N’ Roses, who led this Saturday night at the Glastonbury Festival, and a band potentially older than the Sphinx . Bill, though, is not bothered. You have to have something for everyone, you know what I mean? Anyway, he’s on his way to meet his favorite person. “Everyone is seeing Fred again, man.” I politely nodded.

No one can accuse Glastonbury this year of being the standout event. The Arctic Monkeys, Friday’s lead, have long been in their old statesman age, while Elton John, Sunday’s lead, is a genius but perhaps the one who was at his peak on 1973. It was just one more stop on his farewell tour (although he promised a completely different set), and nothing kills the mood on the dance floor faster than about to retire. But as I made my way through the crowd of teenagers flooding through Worthy Farm as if the Lord of the Flies were meeting The Belles of St Trinian’s and everyone was wearing Day-Glo sunglasses, I realized this was a place built on those things. specific glass. Anyway, it’s a memory. The age of the heads is irrelevant while you are on the ground.

Roisin O’ConnorJune 25, 2023 08:01


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