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Glastonbury 2023 – Saturday live: Lana Del Rey stage time, Guns N Roses set list and BBC iPlayer stream

Rina Sawwayama Appears to Call on Head of 1975 Matty Healy on the Podcast Controversy

Glastonbury continues in earnest on Saturday (June 24), with Rick Astley kicking off the Pyramid Stage lineup that also includes sets by Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi, the Chinese pop star Ky Lizzo and the heads of Guns N’ Roses.

Capaldi was forced to cut the show early due to vocal problems, but received tremendous support from the thousands of people who sang with him. After that, Lizzo wowed with an incredible performance with some of her biggest hits, including “Boys” and “Watch Out for the Big Grrrls.”

Earlier, British pop star Tom Grennan celebrated his second No 1 album with a sun-drenched stage on the Other Stage, while Britney Spears sent fans wild with her title performance. Elton John on Sunday.

The night before, the Arctic Monkeys took to the festival’s main stage, marking the third time the Sheffield-founded band had headlined the festival. And rock duo Royal Blood from Brighton performed on the main stage three weeks after their controversial show at BBC Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend in May. Read Jazz Monroe’s two-star review here.

The BBC is broadcasting the festival on all its main channels, including BBC Radio, iPlayer and BBC Sounds.


According to Twitter’s review, fans are testing their patience with the “Summertime Sadness” singer…

Louis ChiltonJune 24, 2023 23:02


Lan is late…

… for a very important day! Lana Del Rey, honey, where are you?

Roisin O’ConnorJune 24, 2023 22:45


Rina Sawayam step up the drama

Rina Sawwayama’s hour is a reverse riot, singer-songwriter and actress accepting theatrical excesses within a festival budget: costume changes, wind and fog generators, a concealed ripped suit a rubber corset (plus whip) underneath.

Sawaya is undeniably a pop music student, flirting with everyone from Shania and Gaga to Evanescence and Loreen during her hour—but when the effect is that good, it doesn’t matter much. .

Highlights include the dreamy “Lucid” (“This song is about gay masturbation!” which she boasts in her introduction), along with the show’s dancing closer. with “This Hell”. “It’s pride month and I’m wearing rubber and my p**** is about to come off,” she yelled.

Surprise best performance at this year’s film festival?

Rina Sawwayama Appears to Call on Head of 1975 Matty Healy on the Podcast Controversy

White AdamJune 24, 2023 22:42


Rina Sawwayama Appears To Call Matty Healy In Her Scenes On Woodsies

Rina Sawwayama, currently performing on the Woodsies stage, took only a moment before moving on to her song “STFU.”

Commenting on how sick she is of the transgression, she said: “Tonight, this happened to a white man watching Ghetto Gaggers and mocking Asians on a podcast… he I also own my owners… I have ENOUGH. “

In case you missed the story earlier this year, 1975 headliner Matty Healy was on the controversial Adam Friedland podcast, where he engaged in some unfriendly conversations with the hosts. The show included derogatory, racist comments against Asians, and several comments about rapper Ice Spice, including some attempts to guess her ethnicity.

Healy was, until recently, a director of the UK’s Dirty Hit record label, until his role was terminated on 4 April 2023. Sawayama has signed with the label since 2005. 2019. After Healy appeared on the podcast, she commented on an Instagram post discussing it: “What the heck.”

Roisin O’ConnorJune 24, 2023 22:11


Spotted: Macca observed from the side of the stage

Rumor has it that Paul McCartney will debut in a session with GNR at some point. My source confirmed that he is currently watching their performance from the stage side.

I just asked people on Twitter what they think of the series so far.

Brandon Egley said: “I know its Glasto but Lizzo into GnR is a Venn diagram that I’m not sure exists. “May cheer when they hit hits, so far there are deep cuts…”

“Mick Hucknell is doing great,” Cameron Clark-Dhir said, quite generously.

My colleague Jacob, who was on-site, just told me that he found it “a joke” to leave the Pyramid Stage for the Sound Stage when it is usually impossible. , that says…

And from Julian Stockton: “Surely the real question is why are they booked? They don’t care about Glastonbury, it’s clearly just another gig of theirs. You should ask Emily and Nick why they think they’re the lead on Saturday night. Blaming the band seems to be missing the point, doesn’t it?”

I’m not sure about that – I think if you say yes to the Glastonbury title, you’re setting yourself up for criticism, aren’t you? I spent months preparing to call people who booked this festival for the same reason, so I thought I was covered.

Roisin O’ConnorJune 24, 2023 21:54


Countdown to Guns N’ Roses on the Pyramid Stage

I’m not sure how they’ll follow the Lizzo scene, but Guns N’ Roses is expected to advance to the Pyramid Stage in the next 10 minutes. I need surprise guests, I need the biggest hits and I need them to show up on time.

Roisin O’ConnorJune 24, 2023 21:22


Dave Grohl was busy this weekend… the Foo Fighters frontman joined the Pretenders on drums to perform “Tattooed Love Boys”

Louis ChiltonJune 24, 2023 21:13


Lizzo fans all said the same thing after that stormy performance.

“No, this is Lizzo’s title,” one person wrote on Twitter. “Should have been at the top of the bill, I’m embarrassed for the men who have to spy on her.”

I guess the ball is in GNR’s field now…

Louis ChiltonJune 24, 2023 20:58


For anyone wondering when Guns N’ Roses will appear on stage.

It won’t be too long, but it’ll be a bit of a wait – imagine it’s going to take a minute for everyone to catch their breath after Lizzo.

Louis ChiltonJune 24, 2023 20:39


‘Congratulations Pride, you bastard!’

This will be one of the best Glastonbury series in history. Lizzo makes no mistake, from her cover of Coldplay (from her song, “Coldplay”) to the flag she brought out to celebrate Pride Month, to her flute performance to the panoramic spectacle of It. This is pure fun and I’m really pissed that Glastonbury didn’t make Lizzo the title for this year. She could have done it – just look at the crowd, they’d go completely crazy!

Roisin O’ConnorJune 24, 2023 20:14


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