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Glastonbury 2023 latest news: Weather today, lineup, fireworks and secret set rumours

Torrential rain drenched revelers in Glastonbury on opening day of the festival

Glastonbury Festival has officially kicked off. As part of an early festival on Wednesday night (June 21), thousands of music fans were welcomed to Worthy Farm with a massive fireworks display and burning Phoenix during the ceremony.

Over the next four days, revelers will see Arctic Monkeys, Guns N’ Roses and Elton John leads, along with hundreds of other artists.

The Arctic Monkeys’ ministry is now under suspicion after frontman Alex Turner was diagnosed with acute laryngitis. However, co-host Emily Eavis, who opened the gates alone at 8 a.m. Wednesday, seemed confident the show would go on. Meanwhile, fellow countryman Elton John is planning to bring in four surprise guests, according to David Furnish, his husband.

The weather for this year’s festival is predicted to be mixed with sunshine and rain, following a month-long rainy month in the UK last weekend. A day-by-day guide to the Somerset forecast can be found here. The weather today so far has been sunny skies, after a little rain last night.

Meanwhile, the BBC is broadcasting the festival on all its main channels, including BBC Radio, iPlayer and BBC Sounds.


Watch: Torrential rain drenches revelers in Glastonbury on opening day of the festival

Torrential rain drenched revelers in Glastonbury on opening day of the festival

Tom MurrayJune 22, 2023 22:27


Bimini Bon-Boulash holds up a placard that says ‘bin the Tory’s anti-translc’

I am hearing from another colleague on the field that drag star Bimini Bon-Boulash has delivered an anti-Conservative message

“It was pride month and right now there is an attack on the LGBTQ community. The transgender community is being treated as a scapegoat… We need to stand up for our transgender family.” RuPaul UK Drag Race the star clearly said.

She then held up a placard that said “bin the Tory’s anti-translc” in the colors of transgender flags and the like that were given to the front row, leading to cheers of “huuuuuuge” in the crowd. Green Peace Field.

(Megan Gray)

Tom MurrayJune 22, 2023 21:19


Trump flag spotted at Glastonbury

Our man on the ground, Adam White, spotted some uncertain flags flying in the crowd at Glastonbury.

(White Adam)

(White Adam)

Two Donald Trump flags flutter in the wind. One is promoting his 2024 presidential campaign with the slogan “Make America Great Again,” and the other has a photo of the former president.

Could this be the definition of “wrong crowd”?

Tom MurrayJune 22, 2023 20:08


Michael Eavis holding the mic!

Michael Eavis can do it all! The founder of the legendary Glastonbury Festival treated the Park Stage to a performance of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”.

Tom MurrayJune 22, 2023 18:32


Is Glastonbury creating a ‘hostile environment’?

Samuel Fishwick shares his view of immigration enforcement officers being spotted at Castle Cary station near Glastonbury.

“What is remarkable – if not surprising – is that their presence has caused an uproar. There are few populations that are as privileged as the pajamas, cider-drinking, tent-hopping middle classes of Somerset’s temporary residents, but if their relationship with you breaks down, so will the rest. What will happen to the UK? It sends a message: your work is not welcome: take off your uniform, get up and join the party, or walk away and think again.”

Tom MurrayJune 22, 2023 18:15


Update Alex Turner

I heard that Alex Turner is fine and will be able to perform the first part of Arctic Monkeys on Friday (June 23).

Fans were worried after the band canceled a concert in Dublin on June 20 due to leader Alex Turner suffering from acute laryngitis.

However, reliably avid Arctic Monkeys fan Jacob Stolworthy assures me that everything will be fine. Phew!

Alex Turner of Arctic Monkey

(Beautiful pictures)

Tom MurrayJune 22, 2023 17:50


Glastonbury 2023 via photo: Best shots from Worthy Farm as UK’s biggest festival begins

My lovely colleague put together this beautiful scroll from Glastonbury 2023. There are so many great photos and we are only a day away!

Tom MurrayJune 22, 2023 17:43


A newly engaged couple atop the Ribbon Tower!

Roisin O’ConnorJune 22, 2023 15:03


Glastonbury festival fashion isn’t just about stealing Kate Moss… it might not even exist anymore

Olivia Petter writes: The standard-bearers for the Glastonbury aesthetic are still queens of the glamorous boho style of the Noughties – but has the decline of fast fashion killed it? And is that a good thing?

peonyJune 22, 2023 14:50


Free milk, £1 camping and political rallies: Glastonbury through the years, in pictures

As music fans return to Worthy Farm, it’s worth looking back at how the world’s biggest festival has changed over the years.

peonyJune 22, 2023 14:30


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