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Government Actuary appointed Companion of the Order of the Bath

We are pleased to announce that Martin Clarke, Government Actuary, has been appointed a Companion of the Public Service Bathing Order on the King’s Birthday Honor List 2023.

Martin is a Government Actuary and head of government actuary since 2014.

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As principal actuary advisor to the government, he undertakes a number of statutory duties. These include relating to public service pensions, National Insurance Fund, State Pension age assessment and Personal Injury Reduction Rate.

He has also led the Government Statistics Department (GAD) through a remarkable period of modernization, growth and diversification, including the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

GAD currently provides statistical analysis, consulting and related services to government and public agencies on an increasingly broad range of issues including pensions, insurance, investments and risk.

Origin and career

Martin grew up in Salford and attended Canon Slade Grammar School in Bolton before studying Mathematics at Jesus College, Cambridge.

He won a Statistical Profession Fellowship in 1982 and is also an alumnus of the General Management Program at Harvard Business School.

After a career in general management and in-depth calculations in the retail financial services industry, Martin began his public service in 2006 at the newly formed Pension Protection Fund (PPF). There he led the financial, investment and actuarial risk divisions as PPF grew to manage a £30 billion fund.

His subsequent appointment as Government Actuary made him the ninth person to hold the position having been made more than 100 years ago.

unique challenge

Talking about his award, Martin said, “It has been the most amazing experience to be able to use my professional skills and business experience in public service.

“My time as a Government Actuary has been marked by unusual economic, financial and health stresses on the country, posing unique challenges faced by colleagues. at GAD overcame with sophistication and determination.

“I totally admire them for what they do and see this award in part as recognition for the role we as actuaries and professionals can continue to play in public life. add.”

Martin will retire as a Government Actuary at the end of the year. He now lives in Market Deeping, South Lincolnshire with his wife Julia.


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