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Government reveals plans to improve disabled people’s lives

  • Government to launch consultation on Disability Action Plan, bringing together ideas and actions across Government to make life easier for people with disabilities
  • Plans include raising awareness of life-changing technology for people with disabilities, mandatory disability awareness training for taxi drivers, autism-friendly programs for venues culture and heritage
  • Plans designed by Ministers to make the UK a more inclusive society in the long term

Immediate and practical measures suggested in the fully accessible consultation include ensuring businesses are aware of the needs of people with disabilities – including the need to access Guide Dogs – to allow all people with disabilities to live, work and shop freely and assist local governments in ensuring that the playgrounds they build or refurbish are accessible to children with disabilities.

The proposals will inform the Government’s Disability Action Plan later this year, laying the groundwork for longer-term change.

Other Measures in the Proposed Plan include: – Raising the profile of assistive technology to ensure more people with disabilities have access to life-changing technology – Legislation mandating awareness training on disability for taxi drivers and private hires to open up more freedom of movement for people with disabilities – Encourage more autism-friendly programs in the cultural and heritage areas to promote greater inclusion – Improved accommodations in the court system so that more people with disabilities can sit on juries.BSL) GCSE, more than a year after the exam BSL Act has been introduced, giving thousands of students communication skills and visual memory that will benefit them for the rest of their lives – Exploring the possibility of UK hosting the Olympics Special Olympics World Summer Games in 2031.

The Disability Action Plan, along with the Government’s National Disability Strategy, lays out our long-term vision to make the lives of people with disabilities better.

The Minister of Disability, Health and Employment, Tom Pursglove MP, said:

Our disability action plan outlines practical measures we can take here and now to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

From leading globally with assistive technology to improving inclusiveness and accessibility in sports, tourism and culture, the Plan will also play an important role in setting the stage for greater inclusion. long-term change.

We want people with disabilities to be at the center of decision-making and I encourage anyone interested to respond to this consultation so that the views of people with disabilities across the country are a priority and at the heart of our efforts. Our ultimate disability action plan.

The plan builds on the Government’s achievements over the past year in education, employment, recreation and disability rights. This includes supporting the passage of landmark legislation: the Down Syndrome and British Sign Language Act (BSL) Act – and advice to support the introduction of a new law BSL GCSE.

The inclusive focus on disability has also ensured more than 2,000 miles of the King Charles III England Coastline is accessible, while the government has allocated an additional £1 billion for the education of children and young people. have more complex needs.

The consultation will run for 12 weeks and be open to anyone to comment. This will ensure that the Plan is informed about the experiences and perspectives of people with disabilities, disability charities and organizations, and other interested parties.

Louise Mckiernan, Chair of the West Midlands Regional Stakeholder Network Disability Unit, said:

I welcome the Government’s commitment to their new Disability Action Plan and their intention to take immediate and practical actions to improve the lives of people with disability across the UK. .

The launch of this consultation is an important opportunity for people with disabilities in particular to have a voice and help shape the Government’s short-term plans.

I encourage as many people with disabilities, disability organizations and other interested parties as possible to participate in this consultation to ensure their voices are heard.

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