Qualifier 1 of IPL 2022 with Gujarat Titans and Rajasthan Royals is seriously threatened by rain. The first IPL Playoff of this year, scheduled to be held at Eden Gardens, could, in the worst case scenario, be canceled as rain is expected in Kolkata throughout Tuesday. According to the weather forcast. According to AccuWeather, several thunderstorms are expected, once during the day and then into the evening.

While temperatures will fluctuate in the mid-30s, there is a 65% chance of rain hitting Kolkata. While the Garden of Eden has an excellent drainage system and CABs in the past have covered the entire ground, that may not be enough. While the morning and afternoon session may not be as bad in terms of rainfall, the evening is where things look alarming.

What’s the weather like in Kolkata this evening? (AccuWeather)

There is a chance of rain in two hours and with a 58% chance of cloud cover, and a 39% chance of thunderstorms. This is expected to last into the night and according to current forecasts, it will be difficult if the match goes ahead, let alone complete and determine the outcome. IPL knockout will start half an hour late, 8pm IST instead of 7:30pm.

It should be noted that if the match does not take place, the match will not be moved to another date as the reserve date does not apply to the three knockout matches. The team with the highest record in the league table after 70 games of the regular season will be declared the winner. The Gujarat Titans are currently at the top of the table with 20 points from 14 matches, meaning that in the absence of Tuesday’s game, GT will advance. However, RR still has a chance to make it to the final as they will be competing in Qualifier 2.

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