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Guardians of the Galaxy 3 viewers complain about ‘sorely missed’ absence in new film

Guardians of the Galaxy fans weren’t happy about the particular absence from the new film.

In the first day of this month, Guardians of the Galaxy Episode 3 was released in cinemas – all 600 versions of it – bringing fans into the ultimate adventure of Peter Quill and teammate Chris Pratt.

All cast members return with Pratt, including Zoe Saldaña, Dave Bautista, Pom Klementieff, Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper and Sean Gunn, who provided voice and motion capture for Rocket Raccoon.

While the James Gunn-directed film was mostly praised by critics and audiences alike, there were many fans of the series who expressed their disapproval of the film’s lack of use of Tyler Bates’ main theme. in the first two films.

“My only major complaint with Guardian 3 that’s basically all my fears about Tyler Bates not coming back have come true,” one viewer wrote.

Another fan added: “Music for gotg3 maybe my only real complaint as no one does like Tyler Bates… points for Guardian 1 probably one of the most memorable and iconic mcu scores in my mind.”

One fan said the score was “very missed”, with Houston writer Coley adding: “I love every other part of the series as much, but it sucks when one of my people is scared about it. Guardian 3 – that Tyler Bates’ main theme would be lost or underutilized – came true. I just don’t understand how things like that happen, like man, just put it in there!

Elsewhere, Marvel fans have questioned the film’s age ratings due to some of its “disturbing” content.

Guardians of the Galaxy Episode 3 currently showing in theaters.


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