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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 review roundup: What the critics are saying about James Gunn’s final MCU film

Six years later and Guardians of the Galaxy Episode 3 will finally hit theaters on May 5.

In the final film of the trilogy, Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill and his team of heroes must unite to protect the universe and protect their own universe. If they fail, that could potentially lead to the end of the Guardians.

The film not only marks the end of an important Marvel franchise, but also director James Gunn’s final goodbye to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Although this is a “loss” for Marvel, according to independenceClarisse Loughrey’s chief film critic, she argues Chap 3 should “sustain audiences about what’s coming to Gunn as co-director of DC Studios”.

Loughrey’s praise for Gunn’s final outing in the MCU certainly wasn’t the only praise given to him. Guardians of the Galaxy Episode 3but it is probably the highest.

Find a composite ring of Guardians of the Galaxy Episode 3 review below.

independence – four stars

Chris Pratt in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy episode 3’


Guardians of the Galaxy Episode 3 is fully invested in not only how its core characters have evolved so far, but also how they can continue to evolve. No one is left out. No one is wasted. Beyond the main plot, this is a breakup movie about the empty feeling of running into an ex and realizing that they’ve moved on.”

Empire – four stars

“[Vol 3] imperfect. There’s a lot in between, thanks to a combination of new characters and commendable determination to give each team member something worthy of their considerable talent, plus a few scenes. Combat is cropped too fast for more vibrant colors with a bit of blur. Then there’s the all-too-common superhero stuff in which epic horrors happen only to be set aside for another quip, another scrape, another heart. But Gunn’s love for these characters was overwhelming, and that got it through the harder and slower stages. He succeeds in balancing his sometimes irritable tendencies by letting that love shine through every frame, often to heartbreaking effect.”

guard – three Stars

“Currently Guardians of the Galaxy has reached a three-part stage: stretching, yes, and finally reaching the emotional significance and end (perhaps inspired by Gunn’s own emotional redemption) that it not fully included, while leaving the GOTG brand open for the next-gen reboot. But it’s still spectacular, full of spirit and often humorous.”

BBC – three Stars

Guardians Episode 3 two and a half hours, it’s so chaotic and complex that it feels twice as long. Watching it is like flipping through the channels between the entire Star Trek TV series and the entire Star Wars TV series. “There are always some interesting aliens to watch,” writes Nicholas Barber, “but you may not be following or interested in what’s going on.”

Summer movie preview

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“But in the final scenes, Gunn’s sincere love for his characters and their love for each other becomes contagious. The actors deserve a lot of credit. They all sell relationships here more convincingly than in either of the previous Guardians. This might be the most bohemian and outrageous of the trilogy, but it’s as sweetly emotional as any movie that has so many monsters with slimy tentacles in it.”

walkie talkie – two stars

“The plot is a mess, with little causal meaning behind its twists. And it’s also extremely verbose: flashbacks frequently involve Rocket’s old inmates (an otter with a scrawny metal arm, a walrus with wheels instead of flippers, etc.) ) never quite managed to create the desired stray toys. It’s worth more Ant-Man 3, Strange Doctor 2 And black panther 2, at least – and fortunately, I don’t think the multiverse has ever been mentioned. But it’s hard to see the series’ most cheerful heroes looking like such a force of attrition.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Episode 3 in theaters on May 5.


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