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Guy Ritchie ‘sued by writer’ who claims The Gentlemen copied scenes from his rejected script

Guy Ritchie is reportedly being sued over his movie Gentlemanwith screenwriter Mickey De Hara claiming that Ritchie copied scenes from the script he sent to the director.

The 2020 gangster movie follows a tycoon named Mickey (Matthew McConaughey) who is trying to sell his cannabis empire. Read independenceRate one star here.

In a lawsuit, filed in London’s High Court last month and published by US entertainment magazine DiversityDe Hara claims that Ritchie commissioned him to write the sequel to the 2008 gangster film RockNRollabased on De Hara’s “personal life experience” – he was once convicted of possession of cocaine and marijuana “with the intent to provide”, for which he faces jail time.

De Hara is said to have stated that, in 2018, after he sent Ritchie his script about a protagonist running a cannabis business, Ritchie told him “the time of the movies.” gangsters are over” and hinted that the project will not be developed any further.

Gentleman released two years later, and De Hara claimed the film was a “significant” copy of his script.

According to the lawsuit, Gentleman copy De Hara’s cast of characters and “unique aspects of the plot”.

De Hara is said to have stated that his script features a character named Coach, who leads a group of thugs nicknamed The Baby Squad. In Ritchie’s film, a man named Coach (played by Colin Farrell) hangs out with a group of warriors called The Toddlers.

The writer claims that after the movie was released, he texted Ritchie pointing out how similar the two projects were supposed to be, to which Ritchie replied, “Mickey, me and my guys tried. I’ve been trying to contact you for a few years now. No response. I’m glad we sat down and talked.”

Matthew McConaughey and Guy Ritchie speak on stage during a special screening of ‘The Gentlemen’ in New York

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De Hara denied that Ritchie tried to contact him about the matter before the movie came out.

Ritchie reportedly turned down De Hara’s request to credit the film’s screenplay, but offered to credit him in another project he was not involved in.

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“I have a feeling it might be too late Mickey,” Ritchie texted, according to the legal filing. “I will try, but what I can do is help you give credit to something in the future. Let me see what I can do. Honestly, we tried to get you.

De Hara has said that he “has no intention of seeking credit for original work that was not created by him”. He is looking for over $250,000 and “credit to his original work has been used in Gentleman without his consent and without payment of the agreed remuneration”.

Writers on Gentleman recorded as Ritchie, Ivan Atkinson and Marn Davies.

Ritchie is said to have yet to file a defense for the lawsuit. independence has reached out to a representative for Ritchie for comment.


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