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Harrison Ford fans in hysterics over actor’s confused reaction to MCU question

Harrison Ford sent fans into a frenzy with his signature blunt answer to a question about his Marvel character.

The actor will play General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross in the upcoming films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Captain America: Brave New World And thunder.

In a video interview with to promote my latest project Indiana Jones and the Wheel of FateFord was asked about Red Hulk – Ross’s super-powerful alter-ego, as seen in the original Marvel comics.

The interviewer said: “Eye-eyed viewers notice you’re wearing ripped pants. “Can we see Mr Ford as the red Hulk?”

Ford looked completely unfazed by the question and replied, “What is Red Hulk?”

ONE moment clip went viral on social media, with fans amused by Ford’s demeanor.

“I love it when Harrison Ford plays in front of the media,” one person wrote.

“That’s the best Harrison Ford answer I’ve ever heard and I love it,” wrote another, along with some “bad jokes” emojis.

“The moment Ford got certified,” wrote another, while another joked: “He’s so down-to-earth about this.”

However, others speculated that this reaction was in fact a ruse and that Ford was simply quiet as a way to avoid spoilers.

Harrison Ford poses for a photo at Cannes 2023

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“The realist in me says this is an NDA thing, but I want to believe he is really asking,” one person wrote.

“He lied,” another declared.

In the past, Marvel Studios has tried to prevent actors from revealing future plots and details.

In March, it was reported that the company was investigating the source of the film’s infamous leak. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumaniaand is planning to pursue legal action against it.

Iman Villani, star of the Disney+ series Miss Marvelclaims that Marvel has been spreading fake leaks on social media in an attempt to keep fans from knowing the real details.

Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Fate in theaters on June 28.


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