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NHS Unison members accept pay deal offer in England

  • By Philippa Roxby and Michelle Roberts
  • BBC news

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The ambulance crew, several nurses and other NHS health workers who are members of Unison voted in favor of accepting the government’s offer of pay in the UK.

That includes a permanent 5% pay rise for 2023-24 worth at least £1,065, plus an additional lump sum to supplement the previous year’s salary.

It follows several strikes and negotiations this winter.

The Royal College of Nursing will announce how its members in the UK have voted on the deal later today.

Meanwhile, NHS junior doctors in the UK are holding a four-day pay strike that ends at 07:00 BST on Saturday.

In Unison’s consultation with 288,000 NHS staff across England, almost three-quarters (74%) voted to accept the salary contract offer on the Change Agenda and 26% rejected it.

Voter turnout was 53%, with 152,329 votes cast. Of these, 112,458 voted yes and 39,871 voted no.

Sara Gorton from Unison said: “Obviously the medical staff will want more, but this is the best that can be achieved through negotiation.

“Over the past few weeks, the medical staff has been considering what is on offer. They have chosen to be sure to have more money in their pocket soon.

“Other unions are still consulting, so the full picture won’t emerge until the end of the month. Unison will urge the government to ensure NHS workers get the pay rise they voted for as soon as possible. .”

A government spokesman said: “The decision by members of Unison, the largest NHS union, to accept a payment offer proposed by their leadership demonstrates that it is a fair and equitable proposition. may terminate this dispute.

“Hundreds of thousands of Agenda Change employees continue to vote for other unions over the next two weeks and we hope this generous offer will gain their support.”


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