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Heat “Dome” Weakens This Week Across The Deep South

Some relief from the relentless heat dome across Texas is being worked on this week and into this weekend. For example, we see the growth of the height pattern currently underway leading up to the holiday weekend across the South and generally across the United States. The strong heat trough is closing, with just a few days remaining across the Ark-La-Tex region, eventually shifting eastward and waning quite a bit from what it has been since mid-June. A shortwave trough (delimited by blue) emanates from the Southwest and “cuts” the periphery of the ridge as it is suppressed across the Southeast.

Using 1-day temperature deviations through the use of anomalies, we can clearly see at least most of the heat transfer from Texas to the Southeast. Here, an area of ​​moderate to below average temperatures is said to be moving into at least the northern tier of Texas, while the rest of the state will still have to deal with the heat, just not as harsh as a few days ago.

As that trench slips, a blast of cold air will hit the northern half of Texas, and while not much, at least the rain and storms will provide much-needed rainfall along with keeping the clouds around. ; so this limits the temperature. Although air temperatures will generally be “limited”, humidity will remain stable due to runoff from the Gulf as the triple-digit heat indices move eastward for the eastern states. male.

When we look at the daily surface air temperature forecast through the ECMWF, we can expect widespread triple-digit temperatures to wane over the coming days and even drop quite dramatically as a cold front approaches. move over this weekend to the north floor. Across the eastern half, while the front doesn’t appear to have completely erased the region, we see a drop in temperatures at least thanks to the widespread weakening and displacement of the amazingly formed thermal band. since mid-month.

Unfortunately, there are indications that more ridges and heat cores are once again returning to the Deep South as we move in mid-July. For now, however, any amnesty we can get is at least positive, especially as we head into the big holiday weekend!

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