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Here Comes A Backdoor Cold Front In The Northeast Heading Into This Weekend

Tonight across the Northeast, we will see a medium-scale phenomenon that typically occurs during the Spring months in the Northeast. This is known as a “backdoor cold front,” meaning a cold front of lower density and cooler temperatures pushes in from the north Atlantic Ocean off New England and inland. If you analyze the 500mb sample, we see a large tornado above the low indicated by maximum spin (darker orange/yellow) passing. On the surface there is a cold front located at the anterior edge of this groove.

At the surface in the boundary layer, watch throughout the day for a sudden change in northeasterly winds and gusts off New England from this evening to early morning.

It is even easier to “see” this by observing the dew point change. You can see the wide band of dew points in the 40s and 50s gradually sinking from northeast to southwest behind a strong cold front.

After another day of 80s and 90s temperatures recorded today across the Northeast, we should see 5-15 degrees below normal tomorrow and into Sunday thanks to an air mass unusually cool.

In New England, high temperatures will be shocking in the 50s and 60s, and into the 70s in the Mid-Atlantic. Additionally, due to this cyclonic flow, rainfall will cover New England and parts of the northern Mid-Atlantic tomorrow and into Sunday, potentially extending into early next week for parts of New England. England. At the very least, it does help alleviate some minor drought areas across New England and Southern New England. At least there’s a cooling off for those who don’t like it, especially during the summer months.

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