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Highs of 22C in Yorkshire today ahead of scorching July weather

Yorkshire residents can expect a mixture of today’s conditions.

Recently, the sun has been shining and the temperature usually stays above 20C, however there are strong winds and even floods in some towns, villages and cities. Similar up and down conditions are expected today (Thursday, June 29); The Met Office predicts a combination of clouds, some rain, sunshine and bright spells.

The good news is that unpredictable conditions will change in just four days – as July begins – and a scorching heat wave is coming. The Weather Company predicts higher temperatures in early and late July after a recent heatwave that sent mercury temperatures to as high as 20 degrees Celsius in many places. It is claimed that another heatwave could reach higher than 40C in July, Mirror reported.

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Commenting on conditions for today, a Met Office spokesperson said: “A dry and bright start to Thursday before patchy clouds develop, bringing the risk of scattered showers. throughout the afternoon, especially across the Pennines. Winds remain mostly light. Maximum temperature 22C.”

The only real urban setting on our list is west Sheffield.(Photo: Graham Haley)

Here’s a breakdown of what could happen in your Yorkshire area today:


Bradford residents can enjoy the sun very early. From 6am to 10am there is sunshine, the highest temperature is 17C. There will be clouds at the end of the day and periods of sunshine.


Today will be a mix of cloudy, sunny and sunny in Huddersfield. From 6 a.m., temperatures will peak at 14 degrees Celsius before warming to 19 degrees later in the day. Chances of rain are between 5 and 10 percent.


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