HMRC’s list of tax evaders includes eight new names from Wales. They range from restaurants to a used car dealer.

A person or business will appear on the list if they have knowingly defaulted to at least £25,000 in tax. The list is updated every three months, and the defaulter’s details are deleted after a year.

The UK Government Department said the publication of the names was “about influencing behavior by encouraging defaulters to interact with HMRC”. Before updating the list, HMRC gives each defaulter an opportunity to state why their details should not be published.

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Here are the new Welsh names on the list, last updated in March. All have been approached for comment.

Hassan Mahdi Salih |

Hassan Mahdi Salih from Cardiff hid £30,858 in taxes between April 2011 and April 2016 – resulting in a fine of £12,960. The 53-year-old man of Longhouse Close in Lisvane, has not paid property tax.

The company said Mr Salih was the director of a family care business called Tremlecare, which dissolved in 2016.

Huang Lin

Huang Lin failed to pay £55,849 in tax between April 2013 and April 2018, resulting in a £51,660 fine. The HMRC listing says the debtor is “previously trading” as a takeout called the Golden Star, which is based at Gadlys Road in Aberdare.

Emyr Wyn Parry

Emyr Wyn Parry, whose business is to rent factories, defaulted on £31,372.45 between April 2010 and April 2018. Mr Parry, of Spencer Street in Holyhead, was fined £16,354. His company Parry EW & Sons was founded in 1986.

Jamie Lee Rees

Second-hand car salesman Jamie Lee Rees from Swansea was taken to court in 2017, pleading guilty to three counts of business standards. Swansea Crown Court heard “scammers and rogue dealers” who traded in the name of Valley Way Motors while falsely claiming that cars with warranties, and AA covers, had significantly lower mileage compared to reality and comes with features like satellite navigation.

Now, the 35-year-old has appeared on the latest HMRC list of people who deliberately evaded taxes during his time in the auto business as Liberty Motors from April 2012 to April 2014. Birchgrove’s agent dodged £53,509 and received a £12,039 fine. .

WalesOnline contacted Mr Rees through his other business, Fabian Motor Company, based at Peniel Green in Llansamlet. He said: “I initially went to HMRC because my accountant passed away and didn’t file any returns and it was all blown out of proportion… All we had was a late payment.”

Mr Rees provided a screenshot showing last year he paid £159,975 to HMRC. “We paid them in full last year,” he said.

E Happy Palace

E Happy Palace Ltd was doing business as the Sichuan Savor restaurant on Walter Street, Swansea, when the company defaulted on its £71,008 tax debt between March 2016 and April 2019. Sichuan Savor was classified as a Chinese restaurant. Number one in Swansea with 4.6 stars rating from 432 online reviews, according to Restaurant Guru website.

HMRC fined E Happy Palace Ltd £36,036. Earlier this month, the business changed its registered office address from Sichuan Savor to BPO Insolvency Ltd on Walter Street, according to the Company. A voluntary liquidator has been appointed this month.

Eat Well Kebabs

Eat Well Kebabs Ltd evaded £31,482 in tax between April 2018 and October 2020, resulting in a £19,283 fine. The HMRC listing says the business is “formerly in business” as Istanbul Kebab House on Station Road, Port Talbot. Eat Well Kebabs was liquidated this month according to the Company.


La Base Limited, formerly known as Nobleman Law, is a copyright and patent agency based at Pentremalwed Road in Morriston, Swansea, as they evade £34,160 in taxes. Missed payments between December 2018 and March 2020 resulted in a £23,912 fine.

The company said it is having an active strike proposal. Accounts due in April 2021 have yet to be filed.


Selplas Ltd, based at Stockton Road in Newport, dodged £57,903 between December 2018 and August 2019. HMRC awarded Selplas a £23,161 fine for tax evasion.

The company describes Selplas’ business as the construction of commercial buildings. The register says the company is facing an active strike proposal, with accounts due in December 2020 yet to be filed.

Other defaulters from Wales

HMRC’s current list includes six other defaulters from Wales that we detailed recently in this report. HMRC updates the list every three months and deletes each defaulter’s details after a year.

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