Hollyoaks actress Abi Phillips has revealed she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 28, although doctors initially dismissed her concerns.

Abi, who played Liberty Savage on the Channel 4 show, posted the heartbreaking news of her diagnosis on Instagram.

She revealed that she had a biopsy after worrying about her health and posting pictures of herself in the hospital, as a report mirror.

Abi, whose mother is Arlene Phillips judge of the serious dance, wrote in her post: “So I took these pictures before my CT scan and after my biopsy, I laughed with glee at how ridiculously dressed I was in the hospital before the show, not expecting a moment to receive the news that I did two weeks later…”

Hollyoaks star Abi Phillip prompts others to get tested after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer

She added: ‘I was previously taken away from doctors after two lumps were found in my neck, they opened it up and said I was ‘young’ and would have nothing and me’ maybe my cold is over or my body is ‘fighting something’.

“As much as that’s what I want to hear, I want to check things out for my own peace of mind.”

Then Abi was told by a specialist that she had cancer and needed surgery and radiation.

She thanked Love Island’s Demi Jones, who had her thyroidectomy after being diagnosed in May 2021, for highlighting on social media where her lumps were – because they were in the same location. .

She said: “I made an appointment with a specialist and she immediately told me she was very concerned about the location of my tumors and referred me for an urgent biopsy and tomography. grant.

“Two weeks passed and just before Easter weekend, I made an appointment with a consultant at QE hospital who sat me down and told me I had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and that I will need surgery and radiation therapy.

“I never thought I would be told I had cancer at 28, you never thought it would happen to you. I wouldn’t have gone any further than seeing a therapist if I hadn’t seen @demijones1’s post because her lumps were in the same spot as mine. “

Abi said she will have surgery next week and appealed to her fans: “If you find a lump or something unusual on your body, never think it’s nothing, don’t say you’re fine and you’re ‘young’, always have a specialist check things out if you can and insist on tests even if it fails, for early detection of things is very important for a good prognosis. “

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