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Homes England’s new strategic plan more “place-based”

Housing regeneration, mixed use and new settlements will focus on places where new homes are located

May 22, 2023

The Government Housing and Renewables Agency has released its next Five-Year Strategic Plan, which outlines how to support communities and families by enabling the provision of more affordable, quality homes. along with recreating towns and cities across England.

The strategic plan commits Homes England to operate in a more location-based manner – tailoring its mandate, funding, expertise and technical capabilities to the specific challenges faced by different parts of England must face to face. This will build on Homes England’s strategic location partnership with Greater Manchester and a range of similar partnerships the Authority will establish in the coming months, including in the West Midlands.

We will also focus on where those homes are, working more closely than ever with local leaders and other partners to build communities and homes, possibly through Regeneration of housing, mixed use or new settlements

Homes England’s £16.418 billion endowment covers multiple programmes. Examples of these funds include Housing Leveling Fund, Affordable Housing Program (2021-26), Housing Construction Fund, Housing Infrastructure Fund, Land Assembly Fund Land, Single Land Program, First Homes, and Construction Help.

With “sustainability, elegance and beautiful design at the heart” and backed by more than £16 billion in Government funding, the updated plan is both a call and an offer for the entire sector. renewable and housing sector. It sets out how working with its partners, the Agency can deliver a revitalized built environment across the UK to serve the needs of all communities.

Homes England President Peter Freeman said: “There is no doubt that housing plays a huge role in our nation’s well-being and prosperity. As an Authority, we are I firmly believe that affordable, quality homes in beautifully designed places are the key to improving people’s lives, and our updated strategic plan has been designed to enable we do that.

Over the next 5 years, we will continue to work with housing companies of all shapes and sizes to increase housing supply. But we will also focus on the places where those homes are located, working more closely than ever with local leaders and other partners to build communities and homes, through renewable housing, mixed use or new settlements.

This is an important moment for Homes England as we reaffirm our role as the Government’s housing and renewables agency and go further in helping to create the prosperous places of the future.”

The Agency’s revival mission is underpinned by five goals:

Support the creation of vibrant and successful places that everyone can be proud of, working with local leaders and other partners to deliver home-built mixed-use renovations stay at the forefront with a brownfield-first approach.

Facilitating the creation of homes that people need, intervening when necessary to ensure places have enough homes of the right type and age.

Build a housing and renewable sector that works for everyone, fostering diversification, collaboration and innovation.

Promote the creation of high-quality homes in beautifully designed places that reflect community priorities by taking a holistic and long-term approach.

Enables sustainable homes and places, maximizing their positive contribution to the natural environment and minimizing their environmental impact.


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