The government is facing legal action for “unreasonable and unreasonable delays” in processing hundreds of visa applications in March by Ukrainian refugees.

The presenters will guide lawyers on behalf of hundreds of refugees who have spent weeks waiting to arrive in the UK.

Here is some information about the Home for Ukraine program and the wait that refugees and their UK donors have gone through.

– What is schema?

The Home for Ukraine program allows individuals, charities, community groups and businesses to bring survivors of war to safety even if they have no ties to the UK.

Anyone with a room or home available for at least six months can offer it to a Ukrainian individual or family, although applicants for landlord registration will be screened and Ukrainian applicants will undergo security checks.

The program opened to applications more than six weeks ago on March 18.

– How many UK sponsors have offered to buy their home?

More than 200,000 organizers will register their interest.

Members of the public have been praised for their “incredible” and “incredible” generosity.

– How many Ukrainians applied and how many came?

According to official figures, as of last week, about 74,700 refugees had applied for visas through the sponsorship program.

Around 11,110 people have come to the UK – around a fifth of the 51,300 visa holders granted under the scheme.

Government officials believe some people have applied for visas to give them the option to go to Britain but are staying in countries bordering Ukraine so they can return home sooner, while others have changed. change your mind.

There are also many cases where Ukrainians are unable to travel because some family members, usually young children, have to wait longer than their loved ones to receive their documents.

And there are reports of some refugees not being informed that they are allowed to travel.

– Why is the Government facing legal action?

There have been concerns about the length of time refugees wait for visas under this scheme.

The hosts who will be presenters have compiled figures showing that hundreds of Ukrainians who applied for a visa within the first two weeks of its launch are still waiting.

Groups are threatening legal action on behalf of those waiting – Vigilant 4 Visas and Take Action Home for Ukraine Visa Delays – say the delays have caused Ukrainians to and border countries are at risk and create “significant pressure and strain” on the UK. host.

A judicial review could be launched on the grounds that the Home Office has a policy of delaying applications for March and deciding applications later instead – or that the system is “too chaotic and chaotic”. unstable” to an unreasonable level.

– What did the government say?

In an interview with ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Boris Johnson admitted the UK could have been more responsive in helping Ukrainian refugees, although he said “a large number” are now arriving. Brother.

The Government has previously admitted that waiting several weeks for some refugees is “unacceptable”.

In early April, Home Secretary Priti Patel apologized “with disappointment” after a fire broke out during the arrival of refugees.

And Refugees Minister Lord Harrington previously said the process was too long and not “as seamless as it should have been”.

A Government spokesman said it has streamlined the visa system, simplified forms and increased the number of staff and officials “currently processing visas as quickly as they arrive”.


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