Squid Game creator is working on a new movie, which he says will elevate his shocking hit series. In an interview with MipTV, Hwang Dong-hyuk said that he had delved more than 25 pages into “another controversial movie” that “would be more violent than Squid Game”.

The film, titled Killing Old People Club, will be based on a novel by Italian philosopher Umberto Eco. It’s unclear which of his books – most of them are based on history – will be the inspiration for Dong-hyuk’s new project, but since Eco’s work includes stories of monks, murder, Alchemy and intrigue, the film is sure to take the audience somewhere deep and dark and eerie.

Hwang Dong-hyuk on the set of Squid Game

/ Netflix/AFP via Getty Images

In the interview, the Squid Game creator said that he might even need to hide from people when the series comes out – eek, what is he planning?

Whatever it is, it’s bound to be a huge hit. Squid fishing game has been obtained 1.65 billion hours streamed for just 28 days after launch and remains Netflix’s biggest show yet. Bridgerton came in second, but even the super popular bonk-buster period romance couldn’t remotely eclipse Squid Game’s viewing success.

Bridgeton series one pulled in 625 million won views in 28 days and its second series, released on March 25, has 251.74 million won hours watched in the first week – half of Squid Game’s 571.76 million hours over the same period.

The premise of the Squid Game is that it is a very high stakes game. Although there is a grand prize pool of around £28m to win, players who lose each round will be killed. Only completely desperate individuals are willing to roll the dice into their lives. Thrilling, isn’t it?

Italian writer Umberto Eco passed away in 2016

/ Getty Images / Stefania D’Alessandro

Other details about Dong-hyuk’s new film are yet to be finalized, but as it comes from the same post-hit twisted mind – that the creator seems to have started writing over a decade ago – so there is absolutely no doubt that it will be shocking. According to Dong-hyuk, Squid Game had been lying in the bank for so many years as he had been waiting for the perfect home for the series, finally finding it at Netflix.

In an interview with MipTV, Dong-hyuk said that he will soon return to Korea to write the next series of Squid Game, with the loose aim of releasing it on Netflix by the end of 2024.


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