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‘I live next to UK’s most photographed home – I have to hide from ignorant tourists’

A woman who lives near the most beautiful house in the UK has shared her nightmare when having to hide from photographers. She said she had to “hide” in the back of the house to make sure she didn’t get caught.

Georgina Kingshott, 44, moved to picturesque Castle Combe, Cotswolds, in 2019. She left London for the postcard village to enjoy a quieter pace of life.

However, after moving, she quickly found herself just a few doors away from Britain’s most photographed house. It caused quite a disturbance in Georgina’s life.

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During the summer, thousands of visitors flock to see the beautiful grounds – which appeared in 1967’s Doctor Dolittle – and the entire village. Castle Combe has also appeared on the big screen in 2007’s Stardust and 2011’s War Horse.

Georgina, a postdoctoral scientist, said: “I’m afraid this time of year, on really hot days, it turns into Brighton Beach. I hide behind the house to avoid getting caught – those are the the drone is particularly intrusive”. .

“That’s the price you pay for living in such an idyllic place. We thought about putting up signs to let people know this is private land.


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