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World’s largest cruise ship, Icon of the Seas, labelled ‘monstrosity’ ahead of maiden voyage

The world’s largest cruise ship was revealed to a barrage of reactions, with many not knowing what to do with the giant ship

Construction of Royal Caribbean International’s Icon of the Seas cruise ship was recently completed in Finland, with the ship expected to make its first official voyage in January 2024.

According to Royal Caribbean, which describes the cruise ship as a “game changer” for vacations, the ship will boast amenities like seven pools, including “the largest pool in the sea”, ” world’s largest water park at sea”, six waterslides and nine whirlpools.

In addition to water-focused offerings, the ship promises more than 20 ways to dine, more than 15 bars and a “nightlife experience,” including a karaoke bar, spread across eight “residential areas.” its residence”. Icon of the Seas will also boast a rock climbing wall, Royal Caribbean’s first dining room, a beach-themed carousel, an arcade and a mini golf course.

Once set to sea, this massive nearly 1,200-foot vessel will be able to accommodate up to 5,610 passengers and 2,350 crew members across its 19 decks.

On social media, the first photos and videos of the cruise ship currently undergoing sea trials have divided viewers, with many expressing horror at the “monstrosity”.

“When the pictures of hell go on, it’s almost hell at best,” one person tweeted in response to a photo of the new cruise ship, while another said: “I’m sorry but here is a nightmare.”

“The world’s largest monstrous cruise ship, Icon of the Seas. Maximum capacity 7,600, 20 decks, 5 times larger than Titanic. That does NOT sound relaxing…at all,” another tweeted.

Others couldn’t believe the cruise ship photos were real, with one admitting that they thought the pictures were from a “Pixar movie”.

“For a second I thought, ‘No, the Symbol of the Sea is not real, it can’t hurt you’ because some plans to sail the eccentric giant cruise ship went viral. once every 10 months. But I looked it up and it turns out they actually built this,” wrote another on Twitter.

Others expressed fear for the ship’s fate in light of reports that orcas had begun attacking the boat, with one asking: “What? [do] Orcas have to talk about this?

“Imagine how terrifying you feel standing on the deck, watching the army of killer whales approach,” another wrote.

The cruise ship also reminds many people of the sinking of the Titanic after the luxury steamship hit an iceberg.

“Netflix guarantees the rights to Titanic 2: Icon of the Seas,” one person tweeted, while another said: “I think I’ve seen this movie before and Jack didn’t like the ending.

Despite criticism of the new ship, it proved popular, with Royal Caribbean International Report The “biggest single booking date” in its 53-year history came in October 2022, when reservations opened for the Symbol of the Sea.

“There is an element of arrogance inherent to continuing to build such monstrous things for the purpose of sailing across the ocean. Anyway I want to continue this,” one person tweeted.


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