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Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny viewers stumped by huge time travel plot hole

Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Fate viewers have been baffled by a major “plot hole” in the new Harrison Ford sequel.

The film, the fifth installment in the adventure series, sees Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones Jr (Ford) confront an old Nazi enemy (Mads Mikkelsen) in 1969.

Spoilers track for Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Fate… You have been warned!

Most of the film’s plot revolves around Archimedes’ hunt for two dial pieces, an ancient device that is said to be able to be used to “read the cracks in time”, potentially allowing the user to Travel back in time by locating the right. cracked at the right time.

By the end of the film, the villain Jürgen Voller (Mikkelsen) gets his hands on the dial and follows it to a wormhole somewhere in the sky. He flies over the wormhole in a plane with Indiana Jones on board, hoping to return to Nazi Germany, where he will change the course of history and win the war for Nazi Germany.

The plane was actually transported back in time – but instead to ancient Greece, during the Siege of Syracuse in 213-212 BC.

Finally, it is revealed that the dial was invented by Archimedes to help direct people from the future to his place in the past, in the ancient battle.

However, while the ending sheds some light on some of the questions posed earlier in the film – namely how Archimedes’s body was buried wearing a modern-day wristwatch – the nature of of time travel still seems to leave a big hole in the plot.

Given that the dial is simply a device for reading “cracks” in time, as opposed to creating them, it remains unclear how Voller was able to locate a portal to time. and the exact location of Archemedes, just hours after the device fell into his hands. possession. The most likely explanation is that “time portals” are constantly opening around the world, around the clock – which further raises the question of why no one has ever noticed them or traveled through them.

Harrison Ford and Phoebe Waller-Bridge in ‘Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Destiny’

(Lucasfilm Co., Ltd.)

One person shared his confusion on Reddit. “I’m not sure I really understand time travel,” they wrote. “So Archimedes was working on his dial when the Romans attacked. During the attack, the Nazi plane shot out of the sky and killed the enemy troops. So Archimedes knows in the future the dial will be found and this will happen. So he built a device that allows the user to find a wormhole at the right time?

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“But for example, why is there a time gap to that exact moment? Are there just time vortexes coming to any given point in history? How did Archimedes even know there was a time gap up to the time of this attack. I don’t understand maybe I don’t understand it.”

Another viewer wrote that the film had “holes the size of 18-wheelers”.

In a three-star review of the film for independence, Geoffrey Macnab wrote: “Tonalally, the film fluctuates. It pulls in too many different directions at once. On the one hand, this is an exercise in affectionate nostalgia.

“On the other hand, like its predecessors, it is an old-fashioned lighting adventure in which the characterization is intentionally extended. Some episodes are savvy and ironic, while others seem painfully innocent.

Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Fate now out in theaters.


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