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Isolated rain showers today, warm and humid; Widespread

We’ve been fine for most of the day, with only a few showers scattered across the area from late this morning to late afternoon. By tonight, an area of ​​showers and heavy storms, some intense (hail and winds), will move from the west and northwest, a storm pause for the first half of Saturday, then more More storms, some intense, will develop late in the afternoon and Saturday night.

Any of these storms can turn severe (hail and wind). Another wave of showers and storms will develop during the day on Mother’s Day. Heavy rain is possible at times, and yes, another wave of showers and storms is possible on Monday. It is still too early to say whether these are serious or not.

National Weather Service photo source – Fort Worth

Some data suggests we could have a cold front over the area late Monday, causing most of the rain in the south Tuesday through Thursday, but I forecast showers and individual storms, especially in the afternoon and evening each day.

Total precipitation over the next 7 days is difficult to assess.. Depending on the path of higher-level disturbances, it is a route through the area over the next seven days. If I make a well-founded guess…2″-4″ rain is not an issue for the DFW, but higher total precipitation is possible, especially west of the DFW…. total rainfall is lighter in our east.


National Weather Service photo source – Fort Worth

All of this being said, Flood Precautions will be in effect from 7pm today to 7pm Sunday for areas west of DFW. This meter MAY be extended further east, depending on radar bias.

Temperature: Our warmest day will be today with highs in the eighties, cooling down to the seventies when it rains, Lows to the eighties if you see it sunny till the end Monday. By Thursday, we’ll be back in the mid-eighties.

*Rainy: 0.01″; High: 88; Low: 65
*Average today: High: 82; Low: 63
*Record high: 98 (1978): Record low: 44 (1960)

*May rain: 0.63″; Shortage: 1.02″
*2023 Rain: 11.86″; Shortage: 1.60″
*Dawn: 6:31 am; Sunset: 20:18

Today: Cloudy morning, sunny afternoon. Showers in some places and scattered thunderstorms. Cool, warm and humid. High: Mid to over 80 years old. Wind: South 10-20 mph.

Tonight: *Flood Watch starts at 7pm (west of DFW)* Cloudy and muggy. Showers and thunderstorms move into the evening. Some storms can become severe. Maybe it will rain heavily. Low: Low 70s. Wind: South 10-20 mph.

Tomorrow: *Flood Watch (west of DFW)* Lots of showers and storms, some severe. Maybe it will rain heavily. Concerns about flooding, especially west of I-35W. High: Over 70 years old.

Mother’s Day: *Flood Watch (west of DFW)*Cloudy. Scattered showers and thunderstorms. High: Almost 80.

Monday and Tuesday: Partially cloudy. Scattered showers and thunderstorms. Height: 75-82.

Wednesday and Thursday: Partially cloudy. Separate showers and storms. High: Low to mid 80s.

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