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Jack Whitehall calls former theatrical agent father a ‘nepo dad’

Jack Whitehall has joked that his father, Michael, is a “new dad” in a new interview.

Whitehall, 34, and his father, 83, have written two books together, filmed a talk show (Reverse chat), and made five Netflix travel series, Traveling with my Father.

“It’s annoying,” said Whitehall Time.

“I have a new dad. He has taken his chances very well and is thriving now. He cut me off. He’s not doing his podcast and appearing on shows with my mom, and they’re talking about going on tour on his own. Madness.”

Whitehall is currently expecting a baby with model girlfriend Roxy Horner, 31. When asked if his father had any parenting advice for him, the comedian replied: “No, he’s probably waiting to be offered some podcast or Netflix series, because so he’s keeping his lipstick dry. until someone writes him a check.”

“Nepo baby” has become a popular buzzword to describe the children of celebrities who have been successful in the same industries as their parents.

Jack Whitehall (right) and father, Michael

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As pointed out in Time’ Interviewed, Michael is a former stage staff whose clients include Daniel Day-Lewis, Judi Dench and Colin Firth.

Train carriage star Nigel Havers, one of Whitehall’s godfathers, was at the comedian’s birthday and his other godfather, actor Richard Griffiths (best known for his role as Vernon Dursley in Harry Potter movies).

Michael is married to Hilary Gish Whitehall and has two more children, Barnaby and Molly (whose wedding Princess Eugenie attended).

Whitehall and Horner to give birth in September. Appearance on BBC Breakfast Last month, Whitehall was asked if the pregnancy news made him rethink his relationship with his father.

“I just don’t want to turn into him,” Whitehall joked.

Whitehall said he and Horner are currently deciding on a name, but did not reveal the gender.


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