Jamie Dornan attacked viewers who called Tourists a “snippet” of a film by Steven Spielberg Duel.

Earlier this year, Dornan starred in the BBC’s horror series, which some viewers accused of “undercutting” Spielberg’s 1971 film. Duelwritten by Richard Matheson.

The Fifty shades of gray the star criticized people who reacted immediately to what they were watching by posting on social media, asking viewers to “put down your phone”.

Dornan told Mr.: “You’re not invested in a show if every frame of the movie you’re tweeting about. Look, put down the phone and look up and see and see. ”

“You might miss that, especially if you’re just tweeting your angry thoughts about severing Steven Spielberg,” he said.

In the film, Dornan plays a man who loses his memory after being stabbed on the road in the Australian outback.

In another twist in the interview, the actor criticized fans for “prejudice” against the actors when they were given the role, using Robert Pattinson’s recent take on Batman as an example.

The Belfast the star has said that “prejudice is a confusing disease” before going on to mention how the topic affects his “line of work”.

Jamie Dornan and Robert Pattinson

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“In general, people prejudge people based on anything really, and that’s very sad,” he said.

“Let’s see the reaction when Rob [Pattinson] was cast as Batman. It’s like 90% negative. Daniel Craig has been cast as James Bond – I mean completely negative. ”

He continued: “What is written is vile. It’s really unsettling when you see the venomous anger that people have to choose from.

“And then guess what? Daniel Craig is brilliant, and it changes the whole energy of Bond. And all the naysayers loved what Rob did to Batman. ”


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