Janey Godley has revealed that one of the side effects of her chemotherapy is having ‘strange dreams’.

The Scottish comedian began treatment earlier this year after she was told that, despite having a hysterectomy to remove ovarian cancer, it had metastasized and progressed to stage 3b.

This means that there are cancerous masses 2cm or less on the lining of the abdomen and there may also be cancer in the lymph nodes.

So, after undergoing several rounds of chemotherapy, Janey told fans the treatment was causing her to have crazy dreams.

Sharing on Twitter, she said: “My dreams since chemotherapy feel like they’re HOURS long but maybe only minutes – but they’re eerily weird and full of details. The episode was extremely intense – but we’re done!

“The good news is – I get to see old friends again, people I hold dear and those who have passed away.”

Detailing one of her dreams, she added: “My last night’s dream was very long and very detailed and covered in side plots – my former bar managers (who are on vacation). retired in the ’90s and passed away many years ago) George and Eileen gave me their granddaughter for the evenings to look after the kids and take them to school – his uniform needed washing.

Janey Godley was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last year

“When I finally put him to bed in the hotel I’m staying at? I went to the laundry in Shettleston, my old hometown, and ended up in a store that had flooded and run by Arthur, a customer. in my old pub passed away years ago – he helped me wash my uniform.”

Janey added various tweets detailing the dreams to some extent and said she believes their intensity is due to her treatment.

She has previously said that chemotherapy has ‘wrecked her brain’.

She said: “Coping with cancer has turned my mental health problems into an unfathomable cookie, chemotherapy and steroids have ravaged my brain and I am now dealing with this. It’s not a weakness to admit it can drag you down #MentalHealthMatters Thanks for all the support. ”

Janey Godley has undergone chemotherapy

And many fans have sent their love to the funny Glastine woman.

One follower said: “I’d say it’s a strength to acknowledge mental health issues. Having had cancer and not having it, I can say my experience is everything. getting better. Most of the time that would be what I call ‘day teeth grinding’ but it has changed.”

One added: “I’d say it’s a strength to acknowledge mental health issues. Having had cancer and not having it, I can say my experience is that things go awry. should be better. Most of the time it will be what I call a ‘teeth day’ but it has changed.”

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