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Succession star Jeremy Strong defends himself over ‘dramaturgically’ meme

Jeremy Strong defended his use of the term “dramatic” after heir The star has become a meme.

In a short that aired after the third historical episode of heirof the fourth and final season, Kendall Roy’s actor Strong said he wasn’t “surprised” by the events of the episode.

“I think it makes dramatic sense. And then when I read the script, I found it shocking and emotionally devastating,” Strong said.

The clip quickly went viral online, with many social media users questioning whether the word “dramaaturally” was the real word.

In response, the Merriam-Webster dictionary tweeted the definition of the word, describing it as “relating to the art or technique of dramatic composition and theatrical performance”.

Talking to Tonight’s receptionhowever, Strong has now doubled down on the use of the term.

When the interviewer told Strong he had to Google its meaning, Strong replied, “Well, that’s a real word.

He said: “I am a theater buff and it is a theater word, so I support it.

Meng raised an eyebrow at his choice of words

(Beautiful pictures)

Strong is known for his methodical acting style and extreme seriousness in his work – something his co-star Brian Cox often dismisses.

However, their co-star, Alan Ruck, last month defended Strong, saying: “Every actor is different… That’s okay. Let him do it.

“I think Jeremy is very hard on himself. And my personal feeling is that he does not fully believe in his talent. I think that might be an easier path for him. But he doesn’t believe it.”

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you can read independencerating of heir‘s – no less surprising – episode four here.

heir airs Sundays on HBO Max in the US and Mondays on Sky Atlantic and Now in the UK.


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