Several traumatized passengers pleaded with flight attendants to let them off the plane as they landed after three aborted landings – only to be told they would take off again.

On JetBlue flight 1852 from Cancun, many customers were recorded on video shouted “Catch me!” and said, “I don’t want to go back up in the air” after a rough landing in stormy conditions at Newark Liberty International in New York.

When shivering passengers were told by the pilot that the plane would take off again to its intended destination of New York’s JFK Airport, more than one customer voiced their objections.

“I was scared up there – the weather wasn’t good,” one man said on video filmed by a passenger, while another said, “Can you catch me – I don’t want to go back gas.”

A bearded passenger then gave a powerful speech on behalf of his fellow passengers in which he claimed that everyone had “fainted” and “vomited” and begged the crew to ” respect people”.

“My kids are panicking – people are getting sick there. We have to get off this plane,” said the masked man.

“Danger. We’ve tried to land four times already. We’re afraid to fly… I don’t want to go to jail, but that’s not right. We’re six hours into a three-hour flight.”

“It’s not your fault, it’s not their fault – we’re just trying to get out,” he added. I don’t care about JFK, it’s our life! Some people get sick again there, some faint, some get sick. A little respect for people! ”

As he spoke, several passengers called in support of him, saying, “Put me in jail!” and “I don’t want to go back!”

The plane, which had arrived from Cancun, is said to have sat at Newark airport for more than an hour as passengers argued with crew.

The crew can be seen trying to reassure and reassure the passengers from the front of the cabin. Some people rose from their seats to reinforce their point of view.

“It’s not just one person—” said one flight attendant, before the bearded man interrupted, “Everybody wants to get out of hell.”

Before that, many passengers agreed.

Despite enthusiastic requests for a landing, JetBlue reported that the plane was on the runway for an hour in clear weather before taking off for JFK.

“Without proper customs clearance for the flight at Newark, the plane remained on the ground for 60 minutes and, after fine weather, the plane departed back to JFK, where it landed safely,” one person said. An airline spokesman told Daily mail.

An unnamed passenger told reporters that JetBlue was to blame for the customs problem that caused the two flights to take off and said they had been compensated for the flight credit.

“They told us we would have to wait hours for customs clearance in Newark or 20 minutes to get back to JFK where we still had to wait hours. JetBlue gave us $50 worth of flight credits for our troubles,” said the customer.

A JetBlue spokesperson said: “The safety of our customers and crew members is our top priority, and our pilots are well trained to manage extreme weather.

“On April 7, Flight 1852 with service from Cancun to JFK diverted to Newark due to severe weather on JFK. The plane remains on the ground for 60 minutes and once it is safe, it will depart back to JFK where it landed and customers on this international flight can clear US immigration and customs smoothly. Invalid.

“No injuries have been reported and we apologize for the inconvenience this weather-related diversion has caused.”


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