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Teenager fined by airline after attempting baggage hack of wearing six layers of clothes

Baggage hassles are a seemingly never-ending problem for travellers, with passengers often trying new tricks to avoid paying airlines excess baggage fees.

But they don’t always go according to plan. In the latest attempt, a teenager in Australia was fined by low-cost airline Jetstar after trying to circumvent the law by wearing 13-pound clothes.

In a video posted online, 19-year-old Adriana Ocampo is seen wearing multiple layers of clothing after being told she would be fined AU$62 (£33) for her luggage being over the limit. weight.

The girl was traveling from Melbourne to her home city of Adelaide after a trip with a friend. Talking to Southwest News ServiceMs Ocampo said she “looked like a bear” when trying to do the stunt.

“I’m petite and petite but I look the complete opposite,” she said, adding that the couple had seen airline staff pull out a weighted trolley as they boarded the plane.

(Kennedy News & Media)

“We thought the only way we could get the weight out of the bag was to put it on, so we started wearing outerwear,” she said.

“In addition to layers of jackets and overalls, I also wore a pair of baggy pants and stuffed a T-shirt and my iPad in there,” she said.

“I wore about six layers of clothes and filled my bag with stuff.”

In the video, Ms. Ocampos can be seen smiling as she prepares to board the plane. She compares her looks to Augustus Gloop from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

“Everybody in the line stared at us and laughed at us, it was embarrassing,” she lamented.

“People were upset because we kept the plane.”

Worse still, their efforts were in vain, the couple still had to pay the fee.

In a statement to independenceA Jetstar spokesman said: “While we certainly see the humorous side, we do have a carry-on baggage limit to ensure fairness for everyone.

“Tracking the amount of baggage passengers bring on board means that everyone has room for their belongings and we are meeting our safety requirements.”


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