His articles include the Prime Minister’s ongoing woes, possible chaos at Easter airport and a violent raid at the home of a former England footballer.

Sir Keir Starmer has accused Rishi Sunak of “rank hypocrisy” for using “schemes” to reduce his tax burden as the cost of living crisis worsens, according to Mr. Guardians.

An old couple in Daily Mirror said Mr. Sunak “didn’t communicate with ordinary people” because they were afraid they wouldn’t be able to turn on the heating due to rising bills.

The Prime Minister may not have to worry about surveillance much longer, with Daily Star quotes his “friends” as saying he may soon leave politics and the UK for the shores of the US.

Campaigners told Journal Struggling pensioners need immediate financial help to pay an extra £1,000 in bills.

Moved to Ukraine and I viewed Kremlin documents showing that Vladimir Putin was sending thousands of Ukrainians to far-flung parts of Russia,

The Financial Times including a call from Kyiv for tens of billions of pounds to be injected to cover the “losing” fiscal deficit caused by the invasion.

Metro The reported “heroic defenders” of the southern port of Mariupol said they were “preparing for death or capture” as Russian forces closed in on the besieged city.

Hospitals are under pressure to no longer perform regular Covid-19 tests to reduce demand for hospital beds, say The Independent.

Daily telegram including new NHS guidance instructing GPs to work longer hours due to growing concern that emergency and accident units are being overwhelmed by patients.

Behind-the-scenes workers will be called to help at airports as part of a plan to prevent chaos at the airport over Easter, according to reports. Daily mailwhile Time reported ministers were blamed for overseeing “extremely slow” security checks on new staff.

And Sun A violent robber threatened to cut off the fingers of former England defender Ashley Cole with pliers during a violent break-in at his home.


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