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Temps to shoot into the 30s today

It will be a hot one today.

Today, Central Okanagan will see temperatures rise back to 30 degrees Celsius with a peak of 33 degrees Celsius under sunny blue skies.

A UV index of 8, is considered “very high,” so make sure you apply sunscreen if you spend time outdoors.

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You might be able to cool off a bit this afternoon thanks to north-westerly winds of about 20 km/h and gusts of up to 40 km/h.

Winds will ease as the sun sets around 21:00 and you can expect clear skies with lows of 15°C overnight.

Forecasts for Thursday also now see a high of 33°C, but temperatures will drop to a moderate to high of 20°C over the weekend, with a chance of rain throughout the day.


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