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And Just Like That: Sex and the City’s Kim Cattrall says Samantha no longer dominates her career

Kim Cattrall has stated that she Sex and the city The character Samantha Jones is no longer the role people are most attached to her.

The actor, 66, played the sexually liberated PR director Samantha for six series of the hugely popular show, which ran from 1998 to 2004, as well as two feature films released in 2004. 2008 and 2010.

The character was loved by millions of fans for her sexual outspokenness and career ambitions, but Cattrall dropped the role when she was unsatisfied with the script for the third film, and has continued to participate in shows including spin-offs. turn off sitcoms How I met your father.

Cattrall was asked by Sunday Times if Samantha ended up just becoming a piece of the puzzle in a career of nearly 50 years.

She replied, “Certainly. Absolute.”

Supporting this claim, Cattrall explained a few weeks ago she was approached at a cocktail party in New York by a young woman who said, “I’m just obsessed with it.”

“And of course [I thought] she did it on purpose Sex and the city,” Cattrall said. “But she was talking about How I met your father.”

Her comments come after it was reported that she would be reprising a scene in the Sex and the City spinoff. And just like that.

The series features Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis reprising their roles, having previously explained Cattrall’s absence by saying that Samantha moved to London without warning and became estranged from her friends. her old.

According to industry publications DiversityHer brief return will appear at the end of series two and will see her chatting on the phone with Parker’s character, Carrie Bradshaw.

Cattrall is said to have filmed her dialogue without speaking or seeing the rest of the cast.

Kim Cattrall in ‘Sex and the City’


For years, there have been reports of a real-life rift between Cattrall and Parker, with some concluding that this influenced her departure from the series. Read more about the couple’s alleged feud here.

independence‘s Adam White recently wrote that And just like that could not have grown or become famous without Cattrall’s Samantha, and her cameo seemed to prove that the show couldn’t exist without her.

And just like that season two is out on Sky Atlantic and NOW on June 22nd.

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