LUBBOCK, Texas – KLBK meteorologist Jack Maney has your Tuesday morning weather updates!

Today: Windy and warm, with a high risk of fire! 87° high. Wind SW 30-45 MPH.
Tonight: The cold front came overnight. Low 49°. Wind NW 15-20 MPH.
Cooler, but still windy. High 69. Wind NW 22-28 MPH.

Extreme fire risk will threaten the entire KLBK viewing area today as dry, extremely windy conditions invade the Southern Plains. Today will be a Weather Awareness Day!

A strong jet stream storm system is crossing the Rockies today and this will cause very strong winds today. Winds will be very strong after about 11 a.m. as momentum descends from above to the surface. There will likely be sustained wind speeds of 30 to 45 mph and gusts that could easily reach over 60 mph, particularly in our northwest corner near Clovis.

The strongest winds will come mid to late afternoon, which unfortunately coincides with the lowest relative humidity values ​​of the day. Humidity will drop below 10% by noon this afternoon, with plenty of dryness for extremely fire-hazardous weather conditions to develop. Our vegetation is still parched after a winter with barely any rain, and that combined with dry and windy conditions will make this afternoon potentially dangerous. Fire when ignited will spread very quickly. On days like today, we urge everyone to do their part and take the necessary precautions to prevent fires from forming. Be careful of any activity that could cause sparks, don’t throw cigarette butts out the window, be vigilant when parking in tall grass if your vehicle has a catalytic converter, and hold on to any which chain can pull under your car. Nine out of 10 fires are caused by human activity, so we can prevent most fires if we take precautions today.

Blown dust will also appear today, with brown skies expected to develop around lunchtime and last for the rest of the day. The highs will reach above the 80s and the lows of the 90s. The sky is cloudless

Tonight, a cold front will roll in and bring some cooler air with it when the sun rises tomorrow. Windy conditions will persist tomorrow and bring another day of fire danger, although it will not be as intense as Tuesday’s fire threat. The highs will be a cooler one, with a peak of 69 expected against northwesterly winds between 22 and 28 mph.

Better weather will form over the weekend, with peaks in the warm average. Another weak front comes in on Saturday, but there’s no chance of rain coming in at least next week. Whenever the wind turns to be bad, fire weather will be a big concern this week.

It’s safe out there, South Plains!

Jack Maney

7 days KLBK forecast
April 12, 2022


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