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Laurence Fox GB News interview goes off rails as doctor tells him ‘I sometimes wonder why you exist’

Laurence Fox was accused of “spreading biased views” during an interview segment on his GB News show, and that quickly went awry.

The Lewis The actor, who has been a vocal critic of the Covid-19 vaccine, is hosting his show on the news channel on Thursday (April 27), when he is joined by Dr. Bharat Pankhania, lecturer clinical senior at the University of Exeter’s medical school.

When asked his thoughts on a new report GB News saw criticizing the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for rolling out a vaccine, Pankhania told Fox: “Honestly. , sometimes I wonder why you exist.”

Seeing Fox look shocked, the doctor continued: “A lot of things you spit out, only send things that make people worry, are not verified, not real.

“You just have to have your own agenda, that’s what I think. You just spewed your biased opinion. That’s how I feel about you.”

“I’m not asking how you feel about me, I’m asking how you feel about the discussion,” Fox said, to which Pankhania replied, “I feel [that] about you, your statements, and the panelists you gathered.

“Right now I was mentioned on this show, told I was going to have a one-on-one chat with you, and suddenly I found myself in a group discussion.”

Pankhania claimed that he had not read the report and was not informed that he was going to GB News to discuss it, accusing Fox of an “ambush”.

Defending the MHRA, he added that the organization was in a more difficult position after Brexit, but concluded: “Having said all that, it’s totally fit for purpose” and said that, when Regarding the Covid-19 vaccine, “the good outweighs the harm by a large, large margin”.

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The clip has been widely shared, with Fox’s name trending on Twitter on Friday afternoon (April 28).

“The expert slapping the wet fish of reality around complacency, named Laurence Fox. There’s another expert they won’t be bringing back…” one tweet read.

“It’s great to see Laurence Fox assigned to him. But other than that, it seems that the producers of GB News weren’t really upfront with Dr Pankhania when they booked an appointment with him. He clearly feels ambushed,” another wrote.

Another tweet read: “Stop what you’re doing and watch this 30-second video of a scholar confronting the terrifying @lozzafox with a dose of truth. Trust me.”


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