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Jasper Wiese ‘bitter’ over coaches departure to England : PlanetRugby

Number eight of the Leicester Tigers, Jasper Wiese admits he is still extremely disappointed at the loss of Steve Borthwick and Kevin Sinfield in England’s squad.

Borthwick was Leicester’s head coach when the South African moved to the club, both playing a key role in the ascent of their fortunes.

Wiese’s stellar performances since the game were crucial to Leicester winning their first Premier League title since 2013.

With the Tigers making a strong impression under Borthwick and defensive coach Sinfield, it has alarmed the national team, who have decided to replace the pair with Eddie Jones.

That broke the hearts of the Midlands coaching staff, forcing them to rebuild with Richard Wigglesworth as interim boss.


“Obviously it’s a huge transformation. Well, I wouldn’t say a huge transition, but a lot to get used to,” says Wiese Big Jim show. “I feel like I have feelings, especially when it goes bad with the media and things involving Eddie. I think they can take someone else in but I don’t think they’ll take Steve right away.

“And after the game against Clermont, he [Borthwick] walked into the dressing room and said, well, that’s him, he’s done. Kev stepped up and everyone said, okay, he’s going to announce that he’s going to be the interim head coach. And he said, Steve is giving him the chance to go with him.

“Yes, it was a shock to me. I think he’ll at least give us the lead and say, ‘Ah, look I have two games left. Make it the best you can.’ And I haven’t spoken to any of them since. I have to do that.

“Maybe I’m still a bit bitter, but that’s my selfishness. Because yes, they both played a big part in where I am today. Kev may be a little later.

“But Steve is the coach who spotted me coming to Leicester and clearly pushed me to be better when I came here. Literally no one knows who I am. And he, he and Aled [Walters] working together, put a lot of work in with me.

“So I think I’m a little selfish and I’m mad at them, but I’ll give them a chance.”

Despite the disappointment of seeing Borthwick and Sinfield leave, Wiese is delighted that they have been given the opportunity to coach at international level.

A great job

“Steve deserves it. While you could argue he’s a bit young or whatever, the amount of work he’s done in two years, I’ve seen that and I’m sure he’ll do great with it too. England team,” he said.

“Are we (Springboks) playing Italy, or is it my last week in camp and so I called Hanro[Liebenberg]the captain of the club, and I asked him ‘Steve said yes. What? We’re seeing all of this, in the media.” And he said ‘No, no, he hasn’t said anything yet.’

“Then I get a week off when I arrive or I play one game and then take a week off, call him back and he says ‘Yes, Steve talked about that. But he said he hasn’t signed anything’ and he (Liebenberg) is also in the dark. And I was like ‘okay, maybe my suspicions are wrong. Maybe the media just hyped this whole big thing up.’

“So it was a real shock when it came because when we went into the dressing room after the game, I sat next to Lenny (Ben Youngs) and he said, ‘Something’s going on.

“Nobody knows. We just won (beat Clermont in the Champions Cup). So I told them it was a good game and everything. He (Youngs) was like ‘something is going on. happen’, because Steve never brings his wife into the dressing room, he always brings his kids with him.

“Wilksy (Richard Wilks) just sprinted over to Steve and they were talking, stuff like that. And I was like ‘oh definitely not like this, definitely not like this’. And well, apparently it is. So it’s a bit disappointing, but I’m really happy for him and for Kev.”

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