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Loose Women host Charlene White walks off ITV set after Brenda Edwards’ raunchy comment

Loose Women fell into turmoil yesterday following a comment from panelist Brenda Edwards. Brenda was on the jury on Tuesday’s show alongside Charlene White, Coleen Nolan and Kéllé Bryan.

The Loose Ladies is discussing the findings that heavy metal listeners have more partners than any other music genre, writing live in Birmingham. Kéllé says that Björk’s Play Dead is one of her favorite songs, and singer Brenda says Black Sabbath’s Paranoid is one of her favorites.

Charlene turned to Brenda, who describes herself as a heavy metal fan, to ask if the numbers were accurate. Brenda replied, “For me personally not.” Before adding that she was “in her element” when she was able to work with Ozzy, husband of her mentor Sharon Osbourne in 2005 on The X Factor.

Brenda admitted she was surprised to “see him on a show other than Wembley”.

Brenda’s comment drives Charlene away

Coleen later said that she wasn’t sure if playing heavy metal while being lively was right for her. Brenda tells her: “You’ll speed up from the start!”

The audience burst into laughter and Charlene was forced to leave the table. The ITV news presenter then returned to his seat, saying, “Since this is a tea show, I’ll move on quickly.”

And fans have fallen in love with the show with plenty of social media.


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