PROBLEMS at airports have resulted in thousands of people losing their luggage this summer.

Piles of suitcases went unclaimed as staff shortages and strikes left passengers separated from their belongings.


Carrying only luggage will prevent your luggage from getting lost at the airportCredit: Getty

That’s why the travel experts at Aviation advisor revealed the four steps you should take if you’ve lost your bag and also provided advice on how you can prevent your luggage from getting lost.

First, if you don’t see your luggage on the baggage carousel at the airport, ask the help desk or find an airline representative.

They can locate your luggage, tell you where it is, and send it to the appropriate location.

Second, you should inform yourself of what the airline will pay.

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This is useful to know in case you need to purchase replacement items yourself.

Third, you need to make sure the airline has the exact address of where they will drop your luggage if and when they deliver it.

Finally, after your claim is filed and you get yourself some replacement gear, make sure to keep your receipt.

The airline will need them so they can reimburse you for your new ones.

In addition, there are steps to take to prevent your luggage from getting lost.

Start by avoiding baggage checks in the first place as sticking to your carry-on will not only save you money, but it will also mean you don’t have to hang around the baggage carousel.

There are also many devices available that can help you track your luggage, such as Airtags tags.

Proactively preparing your luggage with a tag or tracking device will help in case it gets lost.

You should be able to use your phone to find its exact location.

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Staff shortages and strikes have caused thousands of people to lose their luggage


Staff shortages and strikes have caused thousands of people to lose their luggageCredit: Getty