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Love Island teases Casa Amor and major fight between Scott and Tyrique in next episode

love island introduced the big drama and long-awaited return of Casa Amor in Thursday’s episode (June 29).

In the ITV reality show’s “Tomorrow Night” trailer, Scott confronts Tyrique for suggesting he’s just staying with Catherine to stay on the competition.

Tyrique said in the clip: “You’re definitely exaggerating your feelings for Catherine.

“You’re just staying with Catherine to try to stay here longer,” he added.

As the debate begins, the screen goes black and narrator Ian Sterling informs the viewer that Casa Amor is back again.

Casa Amor, the name given to the second mansion introduced midway through the dating series, has always been a fan favorite.

Half of the contestants – divided by gender – were separated from their other halves and placed in a separate villa, where they mingled with a new group of singles looking to stir up trouble between the two groups. existing couple.

The same thing happened in the original villa for other islanders.

On Twitter, fans reveled in the combination of Casa Amor’s return and the big fight between the islanders in Friday’s episode (June 30).


“I can’t even concentrate, I’m still thinking about what the islanders say about scott and catherine,” another wrote on Twitter.

In fact, many people were annoyed with Tyrique for interfering in Scott and Catherine’s relationship.

“Catherine and Scott’s relationship drives tyrique crazy??? It’s like he’s lost his mind,” one person asked.

“Tyrique has to leave my mansion,” wrote Twitter celebrity Oloni.

“[I don’t know] tyrique has no grudge against catherine but it needs to stop,” the third insisted.

News of Casa Amor’s return comes later Mirror reports that the second mansion will be introduced on the Sunday episode (July 2).

The paper also suggests that Molly Marsh, who was dropped from the series on Friday (June 23), is yet to return to the UK as producers may be lining up her return. Casa Amor.

love island airs at 9pm on ITV2 every day except Saturday.

Episodes are available to watch the next morning on BritBox.


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