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Love Island fans react as Ella ditches Tyrique for Casa Amor’s Ouzy: A recoupling ‘for the ages’

love island fans fell in love with Tyrique in Wednesday night’s episode (July 5) after Ella returned to the mansion with Casa Amor’s Ouzy.

Upon their reunion, footballer Tyrique, 24, decided to stay loyal to Ella, saying he was ready to take their relationship to the next level and wanted to make sure she knew how he felt. any.

While the new girls were in the mansion during the show’s Casa Amor segment, Tyrique hasn’t had any new relationships and says he’s in love with model Ella, 23.

However, while Ella was at Casa Amor with the new boys, she formed a relationship with another footballer, 28-year-old Ouzy.

In Wednesday’s episode, Ella returns to the mansion with Ouzy, leaving Tyrique heartbroken and vulnerable because he’s currently single.

Tyrique, visibly annoyed, said to Ella: “I guess you were never mine, just my turn. I honestly hope it’s worth it because we’re done.”

On Twitter, fans reacted with ferocity.

One person wrote: “The reunion between Tyrique and Ella is something I have long feared.


“I’m not going to pretend I’m not sad to see Tyrique’s heart broken but men need to understand that the way they behave in those early stages isn’t suddenly canceled out by exclusivity and can and will come back. bite,” added writer Jason Okundaye.

“Tyrique couldn’t even stay put, he went from his bed to the kitchen to the room he was about to explode,” wrote a fourth.

After the fourth episode, the couples were Abi and Mitchel, Amber and Sammy, Catherine and Elom, Ella and Ouzy, Leah and Montel, Molly and Zachariah, and Whitney and Lochan. As a result, singles Jess, Kady, Scott and Tyrique are very vulnerable as only single contestants can be eliminated from the show.

Earlier this week, fans suggested that Tyrique was “peer pressure” on other boys to cheat on their partners while Casa Amor was underway.

The semi-pro soccer player told his fellow islanders: “It’s Casa Amor, it’s the boys’ holiday. You have to do it guys. What you are doing? I closed it, but you didn’t. Come up.”

Many viewers compared his behavior to that of star Jake from the seven-man series, who also encouraged other boys to kiss Casa Amor girls when he was in a closed relationship. His behavior was later exposed in the popular Movie Night segment of the series.

love island airs Sunday to Friday at 9pm on ITV2.


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