Supporters faced travel chaos at airports across the UK on Monday as staff shortages continued to take their toll.

Angry customers in Birmingham, Manchester and Stansted have complained of long queues.

Passengers at Birmingham Airport were stuck in a two-hour line through lengthy security checks outside the terminal and into a car park.

Meanwhile, there have also been reports of a two-hour delay at the passport control shop in Stansted.

The widespread problem in recent weeks has been attributed to recruitment problems in the aviation sector as well as Covid-related absences.

At least ten flights have been delayed in Manchester and four in Birmingham as of 8am this morning.

The situation on Monday morning was described by visitors as “absolute chaos” and “manic” on Twitter.

One said it took her two hours to check in and go through security.”

Another legal action is threatened against the airport if they miss their flight due to “lack of management”.

One Twitter user wrote: “Chaos at Manchester Airport this morning. The queue for security is outside the drop-off area. Then sneak inside before you get close to the gate for security.”

Another added: ‘Have been queuing since 4.30am this morning to get through Manchester Airport security. It was a nightmare.”

Several travelers at Birmingham Airport spoke of their fear of missing their flight.

Meanwhile, a customer at Stansted wrote: “’And the worst airport award goes to: Stansted.

“Two and a half hours for passport control, the queue was horribly long and I wondered if this was safe other than just unbearable. It’s just Gatwick and Heathrow now.”

A spokesperson for Birmingham Airport said: “Half of the 15,000 customers flying from BHX today were booked for our busy dawn departure so we have decided to line up outside. outside the station to avoid them getting confused because of queuing to check in.

“The queue is long but managed and moved. We thank our customers for their patience.

“As always, our message to customers about to depart is: Help us help you keep the queue moving by removing any liquids, gels, pastes and electrical goods from your pocket in front of our security X-ray scanner.”

Both Manchester Airport and Stansted have been contacted for comment.


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