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Mark Rylance says he initially took a ‘distilled garlic solution’ instead of Covid vaccine

Mark Rylance has revealed the “alarm bells” that have sounded for him as Britons are encouraged to get a Covid vaccine in 2021.

In a new interview, 63-year-old Rylance said he doesn’t believe he needs a vaccine, adding that “science starts to look like religion” during the pandemic.

Talking to Sunday Timesthe Dunkirk the star explains that he relies on drinking a “distilled garlic solution,” along with vitamin C. “And I got over it. Jerusalem” he say.

Rylance reprized one of his most famous roles, as Johnny “Rooster” Byron, in last year’s 2009 revival of the play Jez Butterworth. Jerusalem.

He told the publication that he finally got his Covid vaccine while visiting his father in the US.

Rylance’s comment comes in the context of his upcoming play Dr. Semmelweisbased on the life of the evil Hungarian doctor Ignaz Semmelweis.

British actor wrote Dr. Semmelweis with playwright Stephen Brown before the pandemic began. Rylance said he was researching alternative cancer treatments at the time, adding that he was skeptical about the effects of chemotherapy.

He recalls how a friend was said to have “broken down the cells of a tumor” using vibrations from a Tibetan sound bowl.

Rylance adds: “The body knows how to heal itself. “We don’t have to go in and bombard it with poison. It’s like bombing a city to try to eliminate a small terrorist sect. You can wipe them all out, but you’ll breed 25 or 30 [more].”

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Earlier this month, Rylance revealed that his brother, Jonathan Waters, had died in a bicycle accident at the age of 60.

“I regret to inform you that on May 28, my dear brother, Jonathan Waters, fell from his bicycle and tragically passed away from his injuries,” the statement said. father wrote.

Rylance, who is very close to Waters, said the loss made him question his outlook on life.

“It just made everything that followed a bit bleak. But that emptiness can also be a positive thing, some kind of cup, cup or vase,” he continued.

Rylance also said he believes in life after death, adding: “I think you can actually have a very healthy conversation with a deceased soul.”

The actor said he spoke with his late grandmother and stepdaughter Nataasha van Kampen by means.

He admits that while his views may not be conventional or mainstream, it “doesn’t hurt”.

Dr. Semmelweis will open at the West End this Thursday, June 27.


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